Monday Morning Check-In: Moving on…


Good Monday morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend lost in the pages of your current read.  This weekend I did manage to get some reading in and finished a book that took me over half a month to read.  I should have just given up on it, but part of the issue was I just wasn’t in the mood to read period, so I pressed on and finished the last 50 pages Saturday.  Haven’t picked up a book since.  Well that’s not true, I pick them up and carry them with me from room to room, but haven’t cracked a spine on my next read yet.  Weekends have become chore days at the Softa farm.  In an effort to eat better and save money I have started cooking on Sundays for the week.  It has helped, but it also means most of my Sunday is spent in the kitchen.  I am thinking of moving laundry day to the same time slot and freeing up Mondays for blog posts and reading.  I have been stressed lately and the drama from last week didn’t help.  I need to carve out some time each week where I don’t worry or work on some chore, some me time.  Monday’s are my days off and may just be what I need to start the week off right.  If we don’t take time to do things we enjoy then what is the point of life.  I enjoy reading and haven’t been doing enough of it lately, so it is time I make it a priority again.  Now just to figure out what I’m in the mood to read….

Have a great week everyone.  Happy Reading.


One thought on “Monday Morning Check-In: Moving on…

  1. Definitely move laundry day and get it all out of the way at once! I love to get chores out of the way. Only way to go, otherwise I tend to let them slide, lol.


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