Monday Morning Check-In: Oops



Good Monday morning  I mean early afternoon everyone.  I spend my morning listing items on Ebay to raise money for a new powerful chainsaw and time got away from me.  Sorry, but those Stihl’s are not cheap and we need one before winter.  Anyway not a lot to report anyway.  I’ve not done a lot of reading over the weekend as usually lately, but late last week I did start The 5th Wave.  So far I’m not terribly impressed, perhaps I need to watch the movie trailer again to get excited about reading this book.  I’m less than 50 pages in and plan on making a serious dent in it this afternoon.  Finger’s crossed.

In other reading news I’ve managed to cut back my requests over on Net Galley, significantly.  I would like to credit this to personal restraint, but it has more to do with the fact that there just isn’t any books that seem to interest me posted recently.  I have two review books on my account, but both of those have release dates next year.  For now it looks like I will be catching up on my to-read shelves over at Goodreads.

Well I’m off folks.  Hope to have a book review for you sometime later this week.  Happy reading.


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