Monday Morning Check-In: Reading Inturuptus.



Good Monday morning everyone in reading land.  I have done 0 minutes of reading this weekend.  Now part of that is I’m struggling to get into the indie book I agreed to review, but like 75% if it is my husband’s fault.  I’m finding that when he has time off I get no reading done at all.  That is not an awful thing we had a lovely day out together, but it is not helping me catch up and post reviews on my blog either.  I’m still leaning towards relaxing my reading commitment next year.  Only pledging to read a book a week and just using the counter at Goodreads to see how many I can read in a year.  In other words I still want that shiny little badge for my profile and am not too proud to cheat to get it…

Another issue I’m having is recently I’ve been pre-approved over at Net Galley for two books through a publisher.  Both of the books are in the genres I read, one is by an author I don’t care for; the other is an anthology I might be interested in reading, but probably would not have requested.  I’m thrilled that they are noticing my blog and sending me books, but now I feel a little bit of guilt for not reading the books.  One of them I already gave feedback and explained that I didn’t like the author and now the second book expires in four days and I haven’t started it yet and might not get around to it at all.  I want the to still approve me for books, but when I didn’t request the title in the first place I don’t think I should feel guilty for not fitting it into my reading schedule either.  What do you think?  How do you handle books that publishers pre-approve you for review?  Do you attempt to fit them in or pass them up if they aren’t something you are that interested in?  I just thought I would ask to see what other bloggers thought on this issue.

Need to get some house and yard work done today. Cooking eggplant for lunch and then digging potatoes that have been in the ground for far too long already.  With all the non-reading time I spent this summer you would think the garden wouldn’t have been so neglected…


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