Monday Morning Check-In: Good Labor Day!



Good Monday morning everyone and a good Labor Day to you too!  I am going to ask you to take a moment and think about what this holiday means to your life and how we need to continue to support organized labor.  Think about what people are working to erode worker’s rights and want to see a country where people work longer hours for less money, less benefits, and less say in our own lives.  Do we really want to vote those people into office.  Personally I like weekends, fair pay (not that we have that anymore), vacation days, and health care.  Alright I’m done with my stump speech on to the books…

Well as it was a three-day weekend and the hubby and I have been running around our county doing fun things together I’ve not had much time to read.  So I am still on book two of the Dresden Files.  Not going real well either…  I will probably give this series two more books to impress me, but if things don’t change pretty damn quick I’m abandoning it for greener pages.   I have also found a new indie author to try, and am pretty excited about reading and reviewing her book.  The book sounds quite interesting and might even incorporate a few of my personal beliefs into the plot, so I am excited to start it and see where she goes.

Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday.  I may or may not participate.  It depends if I get a chance to schedule a post or not.  I am going to be working the polls of our local school election and will need to be there by 6 am, so there is no way in hell I am waking up earlier than I need to so I can post.  Hopefully after we spend the day running around I will be able to put together something for tomorrow.

Well Hubby and I are off to spend the day thrift shopping!  I hope you all have a great Labor Day and take a moment about what this country would be like if people had not fought for the rights we take for granted.


Happy Reading!


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