Top Ten Tuesday: It’s not you…

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday. This week they ask us to share lists on:


September 1: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With


This should be a fun or rather interesting list to check out at everyone’s blogs.  Reading is such a personal hobby and everyone takes something different from a story and interprets characters differently.  Right off the top of my head I can think of a couple of characters that are going on this list, but I’m hoping I can come up with ten.  We will see what happens once I start digging through Goodreads.  Now if it a main character I don’t care for then it often means I will DNF a book or continue a series.  If it is a secondary character I might put up with them and stick around to see how things play out.  Anyway on to the list.

Ten Characters that I just didn’t click with


  1. Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #1)  Anita Blake:  This character and I just didn’t get along.  I stuck it out for about five books too many, but eventually I gave up.  I was very pro-vampire at the time and she hated them. It has been a while but I also think she didn’t care for herself very much and that is something that really bugs me with some characters.
  2. Undead and Unappreciated (Undead, #3) Betsy Taylor: I read like four books in this series before breaking up with the author.  I just found Betsy shallow and annoying.  I couldn’t handle being in her head anymore.
  3. Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) Merit:  This is an interesting selection.  For the first three books I could not stand Merit.  She was whiny, didn’t like herself, very anti-vampire.  I kept hearing good things about the series so I stuck with it and it is now one of my favorites, but man for a while I didn’t think I would make it.
  4. The Mime Order (The Bone Season, #2) Paige Mahoney:  I thought the first book was alright, the second book I didn’t even finish about 50 pages from the end.  I didn’t like Paige.  I’m struggling to remember why, but it was bad enough that I gave the book a one star review.
  5. La Vida Vampire (Oldest City Vampire, #1) Francesca Marinelli: I’m thinking this character’s personality and mine didn’t mesh, but again I can’t remember why…
  6. Eternal Demon (Mark of the Vampire, #5) Erion and Hellen:  This is one series where I didn’t like either of the lead characters.  The supporting cast was the only reason that I even finished the freaking book.
  7. The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1) All of them...: I am not a Tolkien fan, and I am not a fan of his cast of all male characters who wander around and don’t do a freaking helluva lot.  By the end of this book I didn’t give a damn if they ever reach the mountain and destroyed the freaking ring or not.
  8. Vampires of Manhattan (The New Blue Bloods Coven, #1) Most of the returning main characters:  This is a case of the characters I loved in the YA version of the book didn’t work for me in the adult fiction spin-off series.
  9. The Rook (The Checquy Files, #1)  Myfanwy Thomas:  This is a book that I heard such good things about and I promptly DNF when I found the main character annoying and childish.  I was so not being stuck in her head for far too many pages.  Life is too short.


Okay so today’s list is pretty lame.  I get that.  I can remember not liking a character most of the time but I have a hard time remembering why.  Also most of the time if I don’t like a character or book I DNF the title and have very little to go on for why they didn’t work for me.  I’m quick to quit some times.  Life is just too short for books and characters you don’t like.


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: It’s not you…

  1. Anita Blake was a hard character to like, I think. You didn’t lose anything by giving up after 5 books. Once I read Obsidian Butterfly, which I think was the best book, it all went downhill from there.

    Yay! Someone who agrees with me on Tolkien. I just don’t get the massive appeal to those novels!


    1. Anita’s character just ruined the series for me. I actually liked some of the supporting cast, but we were stuck in her head the entire time. Yay on Tolkien! I had to put a warning on my review before posting I was so afraid of hate mail. Thanks for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well… Only if you like Erotica. I think the main character was more interesting, her descriptions of places and things were well done, but I don’t think anyone can say they read Merry Gentry for the plot. They read it for the oodles of hot steamy sex scenes.


    1. Thanks! Yes, do borrow The Rook from a library, don’t buy it. If you love it you can always purchase it later. And yes, her name is really Myfanwy… The author does describe how to pronounce it, but I ended up just glossing over the name instead of trying to remember. The plot had potential, but I just thought it was executed poorly.


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