Month in Review: August 2015

Month in Review

Read:  13 Books,   Pages 2247

Year to Date:  66 Books,  18587 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 46/74

Looking back:

Hello my name is Amy and I cheated in my reading last month.  By cheating I mean I read a bunch of novellas to catch up in my reading goal on Goodreads.  I’m really starting to hate that little widget…  The irony of it all is that I’m still three books behind.  Or perhaps my cheating wasn’t so awful because I didn’t use it to put me ridiculously ahead in my goal.  I am also surprised that I am not as far behind in my other reading challenges as I thought.  I still don’t think I’m going to finish them this year because I’ve become a mood reader.  I might put in a little effort to finish up the Pop Sugar challenge though, mainly because a library patron is taking it with me and she has been working at it pretty hard. Over all I think August was a pretty good month of reading.  Three favorite books, including a re-read of The Martian which was just as fun the second time around.  Dragonbane was amazing and not just because I got to meet my favorite author! So I guess I also crossed off a bookish bucket list item this month as well.  Yes, most definitely a good month for books, and for the blog thanks to the successful giveaway.

Looking ahead:

I’m going to keep chugging away.  I’ve started this Dresden Files series and I’m going to give it a few books to grow on me.  I also have the All Iowa Reads book to suffer through.  None of the librarians where I work are looking forward to reading it…  I don’t really have any Net Galley books on tap for review.  Of course that could change, but I’ve been a bit picker lately about what I request.  I am still receiving review requests from authors, so perhaps I will select one of those instead.  The thing with those is that most of them seem to be for YA books and I’m not really into them right now.  I wish authors would read my review request page before emailing me.  I could also work on a few of my challenge books this month too.  Mainly I’m just going to play it by ear and read with my mood and try to catch up on that damn Goodreads challenge.

Happy Reading!


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