Monday Morning Check-In: I don’t wanna…



Good Monday morning everyone.  I can not believe this is the last day of August,  I want my summer back.  This weekend was spent laboring away with farm chores.  It was hay weekend, one that hurts not only my arms but my pocketbook.  Oh well its done and the critters will have food to eat come November.  Hubby and I also went to go see the latest Mission Impossible movie.  It was good and we enjoyed it, but I am not sure what I think about the fact that two of the producers were Chinese companies.  I’m going to have to think on that a bit…

Anyway on to the reading part of our program.  I’m still behind and I’m seriously thinking of not even signing up for the Goodreads reading goal next year.  I’m sick of the nagging little widget that makes me feel like a freaking failure every time I log on.  Maybe I’ll just put it at some ridiculously low goal and just use it to see how many book I read in a year instead.  Next month my library is participating in the All Iowa Reads, I’ve mentioned this before on the blog.  It is a title that the Iowa Center for the Book selects for everyone, mainly library patrons, to read each year.  There has only ever been one book that I actually enjoyed that was selected because these people do not pick books for readers like me.  They have a who list of criteria and reasoning behind their selection, but it basically ends up being a book to appeal to the masses and/or something they consider intellectual (read:boring).  Perhaps I’m just in a mood today, but I am NOT looking forward to this year’s selection at all. It is:

My Name Is Mary Sutter


The cover links to Goodreads if you want to check it out, but this is not going to be a fun read for me.  It is a historical set during the civil war and had some pretty graphic scenes from what I’ve heard.  I’ll suck it up and read it so I can participate, but I really don’t think I am going to enjoy the book.  Perhaps I just need to think of it as a chore, and read a couple of chapters a day and then set it aside for something I like better.  Okay, enough whining for one day…  Have a great week and happy reading.


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