Monday Morning Check-In: Better late than never…


Good Monday morning…um afternoon everyone.  I whittled my morning away with three loads of laundry,  a battle with wasps for the honor of using my clothes line (they won the battle, but I’m determine to win the war), two loads of dishes and far too much time spent on-line debating politics.  You see I’m a political junkie and the presidential primary is like the super bowl for me.  Some of you know this already but I’m a liberal and am beginning to believe I am probably a social Democrat like my new-found hero Bernie Sanders. Sunday I was invited to a rally for him in Clinton Iowa where he spoke to a small crowd at a local union hall. IT WAS AMAZING!  Here is a link to a picture I’ve found online from the event.  You can see me in the black spotted dress and blonde hair right behind Bernie.  If you scroll down the page you will see my friend got to sit next to Bernie’s wife.  The rest of the weekends was spent watching movies with the hubby.  We’ve not done that in a while and we managed to fit in four films on Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday. I don’t think I read a single page all weekend and I know I haven’t yet today.

Another exciting bit of news this weekend, my Facebook page for the blog passed 200 followers!  Super excited about that and I encourage you all to follow me over there too.  I share plenty of memes and other quick bits of news that don’t always make it to the blog.

One last reminder and then I am going to get my nose in a book.  There is only 32 more hours to enter the giveaway for the signed Dragonbane book by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  If you’ve not entered yet you better hurry!  Remember only open to United States and Canadian residents.  I can’t wait to share with you who is the lucky winner on Wednesday.  Good Luck and Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: Better late than never…

    1. Well I promise I won’t vote for either of them. I can’t believe he is leading the pack on the Right. Everything that comes out of his mouth plays to the extreme fringe of that party. Of course in primary season it is often only the fringe that comes out to vote… Of course a race between Trump and Bernie might mean we get a Socialist in the White House, but I would be awfully afraid to risk it. Lets hope he gets distracted by something shinny and drops out.

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    1. Living in Iowa the political season starts early. Already been going on for months… When he entered I didn’t pay much attention to him because I thought I couldn’t get behind anyone that didn’t have a D behind their name. Then I started listening to him, and discovered he is talking about all the issues that are important to me. Also that I agree with his stance on pretty much all of them. So I’m standing for Bernie on Feb 2.

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