Monday Morning Check-In: Indie Authors



Good Monday morning everyone!  What is this?  Am I actually getting a Monday post posted before noon?  Shocking!  I have someplace I need to be this morning so I am trying to squeeze in some laundry and a quick blog post at the same time.  Hopefully I won’t be late…

This morning I want to announce a new feature or plan or something that I haven’t figured out how to classify as I am making this all up as I go along.  I have noticed recently that most of my review books tend to be from bigger name established authors that have main-stream publishing houses to back them up.  I am not reading new indie authors like I used to. Shame on me.  Okay yes, there are some out there that need to spend more time polishing their stories or more time between the pages reading themselves before tackling the task of writing their own story, but there are a lot of talented people out there too.  There are a couple of indie authors that I regularly review for whose books I adore.

Starting this month, hopefully, I am going to make an effort to select one new-to-me indie author to review here at Read What I Like.  I receive plenty of invitations to review books from authors but too often I find excuses for why I can’t fit one of them in that month.  Of course it helps when authors give me plenty of time to read their book before release too…  I also need to continue to scale back on the number of books I request from Net Galley; maybe just picking authors I already read or something I’m super excited about.  I also want to get back into reading books I want to read from my TBR pile, aka not review request books.  My TBR bookcase just keeps growing and pledging to NOT buy books doesn’t seem to be working.

It is all about balance and I need to find some.  So new plans for now is work at least one indie author in each month, fewer Net Galley requests, and reading more of my bookcase.  Now what have I left out… Oh yes library books.  Dammit, there are just not enough days and hours in a month!  Anyway look for a new feature here sometime this month or early September at the latest of an Indie Spotlight review or whatever clever name I come up with…





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