Month in Review: July 2015

Month in Review


Read:  7 Books,   Pages 1692

Year to Date:  54 Books,  16340 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 41/74

Looking Back:

I’m writing this month’s review up a day early and hoping I can finish one more book before it posts.  Should be no problem as it is one of the small Trek serials.  If you are wondering what I am up to today I am on my way to Chicago!!!  Today is the day I cross off one of my bookish bucket-list items and go see my favorite author!  I’ve been talking about it for two weeks now, but in case you didn’t know I am going to a Sherrilyn Kenyon book launch for her upcoming release Dragonbane.  I am taking Styxx with me along with one her League series books.  I am super excited about this event and told the hubby -who can’t go with me:(- that this is all I wanted for my Birthday and upcoming 20th wedding anniversary as well as Christmas! Either taking pity on me or spotting a good deal agreed to my going!  Best. Husband. Ever! Now even if he had issues I would still be going, but it is so nice that he sees how important this is to me.

I guess I should also talk a little about last month’s reading.  Basically it sucked.  Not the books, but I seem to still be in this reading slump as my taste in books changes.  I’m not going to fight it anymore.  We all chance and I am just going to keep trying new things until I find what I’m in the mood for.  I thought it might be sci-fi, but I haven’t been devouring the little Trek books like I thought I might.  I should be able to read two of those a day, but it is taking me three days to finish one of those at 140 some odd pages that is too long.  I’ve enjoyed the fantasy books lately, so maybe I will try some more of those titles.  One thing I know I am giving up on, for now, is YA books.  I tried several lately and just put them down and removed them from my to-read shelf.  I am so over the high school drama and crushes on boys.  I’m 41 and with each birthday I leave those years further and further behind me.  I can’t relate anymore.  The fantasy YA, think Throne of Glass, is still working for me though.  That series doesn’t feel like a YA level reading material though, so maybe I just need to find YA books set in worlds nothing like ours.  I’m going to still try the 5th Wave series and finish up Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and try this Cinder series, but beyond that I’m done….for now.

Looking Ahead:

This month I am going to work on trying to get back in the reading grove.  I want to also work on building a blog following.  My Facebook page has started building an audience and I need to work on finding followers that subscribe to the blog itself.  I am thinking of joining this Feature & Follow Friday meme in August.  Do any of you join that weekly meme?  What do you think? I still have some review books that NEED to be read for August, but first I am going to read Dragonbane.  I also want to try the other series that Kenyon writes with Dianna Love.  Looking for an audio book for my trip I stumbled upon Jayne Ann Krentz’s book The Lost Night written as Jayne Castle.  It sounded promising, but the disk was too scratched to play so I am going to try it in print sometime.  I also want to start Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files as I learned last week he is one of Ms. Kenyon’s favorite authors to read.  So many plans, but not enough reading!  I need to set my but on the couch and stop looking for other things to do.  Well I’m off I need to double-check things for tomorrow.  I’m almost forgot to set the animals up for my absence.  They will have my husband to care for them, but I’m a control freak…

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Month in Review: July 2015

  1. Honestly… I don’t consider Throne of Glass to be YA, I don’t care what Bloomsbury says. It was marketed that way because YA fantasy sells better than adult fantasy, and the only reason it met the “YA” genre requirements is because Celaena was 17 when the series started.
    I haven’t read The 5th Wave. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is good… I appreciated the darkness of the series, and her writing is beautiful. I’m not sure if you’ll like Cinder. I enjoyed the story, but the plot is somewhat predictable, and there’s some “YA drama”. Hope that helps! If I come across others that are less teenage drama filled and I think you might enjoy, I’ll let you know!

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    1. Thanks for the tip on Cinder Krystal. I signed up for a read along, so I’m going to give the first book a shot at least. I’m hoping the sci-fi will override the teenage drama…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was AMAZING, made my year! I hope she comes back again because I am so there again. She is just so sweet and generous with her fans. What a great idea for a monthly round-up. I’d love to join in. Thanks for sharing!


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