The Two Front War by Peter David

The Two Front War

Book #3 in the Star Trek: New Frontier series:  Release date 8/1/97

I own a copy of this book

Author’s site

Book Synopsis:

Roll Call: The Crew of the USS Excalibur

Dr. Selar: The Excalibur’s Vulcan doctor is all business. If you want to know what’s wrong with you, she’s the one to go to, but not if you’re expecting someone to hold your hand. As calm and logical as the rest of her people, Dr. Selar has a secret as shocking to her as it will be to the rest of the crew.

Si Cwan: A prince exiled from the Thallonian empire, he is beloved by some and targeted for death by others. But Si Cwan has his own agenda: a search for the one woman who means the world to him.

Zak Kebron: The bronze-skinned Brikar is the security chief of the Excalibur. When he walks, the decks shake, and if he’s coming your way, you’d better pray that you’re on his good side.

Two mysteries vie for the attention of the crew of the Excalibur: Is the hospitality of the people of Nelkar too good to be true? And does a stranded spaceship truly hold the object of Si Cwan’s quest… or is it instead an all-too-deadly trap?


My Review:

Just when I think I might want to take a break from this series Mr. David gives us a huge cliffhanger at the end…  I am being won over to his writing style though.  He does cliffhangers really well, even from chapter to chapter.  He knows how to build suspense and write good action sequences.  I’m still happy that the familiar TV characters remain in reference instead of in action.  I just don’t agree with how he portrays them, in this series at least.  He did write one of the more famous Trek books Imzadi.  That one is set on the Enterprise and features Troy and Riker,  I’m almost hesitant to try it after the first book in this series.

This book is played out on two fronts, like the title eludes to, and follows a divided crew that walks into two traps.  The trap that Si Cwan is left off at would have had me more worried than I am, one of the perks of having read a later book first.  The trap Calhoun is left at has me scrambling to write this review and dive into the fourth book!  We are getting to see an interesting side to his character as this drama unfolds.

There was some Vulcan bonding in this book that was quite interesting.  I like both of these characters, Dr. Selar and Soleta and enjoyed the time spent with this in this book.  I missed some of the tension between Dr. Selar and Burgoyne 172 and hope that the story returns to these two soon.

Over all it is a good read, not something I am terribly excited for, but entertaining nevertheless.  I’ve already been looking out for used books I don’t have in the series so I suppose that is a good sign.  I am going to finish up the fourth book, to see what happens next after the cliffhanger ending, but after that I am going to be returning to the end of the series as I approved for an ARC of the next The Returned serial release.  After that I may move on for a bit until I can get my hands on book #5.

My Rating: 3 Stars


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