Monday Morning Check-In: FIVE MORE DAYS!



Good Monday morning everyone out there in the internet.  I hope you had a great weekend and got in more reading than I did. I spent two days thrift shopping and broke my book-buying-ban in a big way.  Oh well it was all cheap second-hand books that I have now added to my to-read bookcase that has gone from jam-packed to are-you-kidding-me.  I need to get busy reading some of these titles before I become buried underneath the avalanche that is going to happen some night when I bump into it when I get up to go pee.

Well you might have guessed from the title of this post there is only five more days until I go see Ms. Kenyon!  I’ve calmed down a bit and after much searching for option where my husband can join me, it looks like I am going by myself.  I wish he could be there.  The only thing that could make this trip better is if he was there with me.  I’m not going to let going alone hold me back, but still I’m disappointed.   From what research I’ve been reading about other signings it could be a long night and I’m good with that, but hubby will probably get bored waiting for me to wait in line to get my books signed.   Maybe it is best he isn’t going, but I know he is disappointing that he can’t go to Chicago for the weekend.  I think this could be good for me though, I’ve never been on a trip by myself and this could be a good test run for next spring when I attend BEA on my own.

I still haven’t worked out what I want to say to Ms. Kenyon.  Mainly just thanks for creating a world filled with characters I love that have become like friends to me.  If I get to ask a question I would like to ask her what area of ancient Greece Acheron and Styxx are  from, or what area she had is mind when she was writing their back story.  I’ve spent some time in the Mediterranean and can’t help but picture the story in someplace like ancient Lycia, which is in the southern coast of what is now Turkey.

So this morning I thought I would poll you all on what would you say to your favorite author if you got the chance to meet them?  I’m in need of a little inspiration.  If you are a Kenyon fan as well and have a good question idea feel free to share those too!

Happy Reading.


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