Into the Void by Peter David

Into the Void

Book #2 in the Star Trek: New Frontier series: Released 7/1/97

I own a copy of this book

Author’s Site

Book Synopsis:

Roll Call: The Crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur:
Captain Mackenzie Calhoun: An unorthodox, decisive young captain who loves his crew and his ship, and loves testing their limits even more.

Commander Shelby: A woman of strong opinions and strong values, Shelby never hesitated to tell her captains when she thought they were wrong, and Mackenzie Calhoun won’t be any exception.

Burgoyne 172: The chief engineer of the Excalibur, with the decisiveness of Calhoun, the strength of Shelby, and the gender of both. Burgoyne is a Hermat, and when s/he sets his/her sights on you, s/he isn’t an easy…person…to refuse.

As the Thallonian Empire succumbs to violence and insurrection, the U.S.S. Excalibur prepares to launch on her humanitarian mission of mercy. But her departure is destined to be a memorable one, as Calhoun contends with an unexpected stowaway, a stormy relationship with his crew, and — light-years away — frightened refugees aboard a dying ship.

My Review:

This book was better than the last.  I probably would have even given the last one a higher rating if these books weren’t in serial form. I have a feeling that is going to be my biggest complaint,  the books should have been combined into larger reads.I’m starting to come around to the shorter length though by thinking of them as if they were weekly episodes from the TV series.  Helps a bit.  I’ll get over it.

I am starting to dig this Star Trek world though and its cast of new Trek characters.  The captain is an interesting combination of several other captains and I can’t help but compare him to Picard, Kirk, and the others.  I think he most closely resembles Kirk,  he is a little cocky and a step or two ahead of everyone else.  He is also a bit more informal which I really like.

In this book the crew has all been selected and the ship is off on its mission.  I am very curious about the character Burgoyne 172 who is the first duel sexed character I’ve come across.  I like the chemistry that he has with the Dr. Selar,  I expect fun scenes to read between the two.  I am also torn in regards to the Si Cwan character.  I know what happens to him, as I’ve read the first part of the last book.  So far I like him too.  Really there aren’t any characters that I dislike, just the way favorites from the TV series are written.  Fortunately they have all left the series in this book and we are able to focus on this crew.

The action is good, drama well done and some humor mixed in.  I almost feel like the chapter breaks are commercial breaks as I picture the events of the story unfolding in my mind.  Off to read the next book.  One thing that is surprising/frustrating is that with these being such short reads it is still taking me a day or two to get through them.  If I was really on my reading game I should be reading two of these puppies a day. Sometimes it really sucks when real life gets in the way of our hobbies…


My Rating: 3 Stars


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