Bookish Thoughts: Bucket List



Have you heard I’m going to go see Sherrilyn Kenyon on August 1 in Chicago?  Yes? No?  Well I am, and that got me to thinking about how this would be on my bookish bucket list.  I made on for a Top Ten Tuesday list last March, linked here, but I think it is time to expand, update and laminate.  No kidding, I’m laminating this puppy.


Bookish Bucket List


  1. Read 200 books in one year.
  2. Attend BEA Expo : Chicago & New York
  3. Attend ALA conference
  4. Attend a Comic Con or Dragon Con
  5. Meet Sherrilyn Kenyon
  6. Meet J.R. Ward
  7. Meet Andy Weir
  8. Meet Darynda Jones
  9. Meet Jacqueline Rhoades
  10. Read all the books on my to-read book-case (still growing…)
  11. Read all the books on my Nook (still growing…)
  12. Read everything by my favorite author: Sherrilyn Kenyon!
  13. Become a ‘real’ librarian: certified by state
  14. Get a physical ARC in a series I read/favorite author
  15. Visit locations from my favorite books: New Orleans (Dark Hunters), Chicago (Chicagoland vamps), Bodleian library & other spots in England (Discovery of Witches), to be added to…
  16. Have 1000+ followers of my blog
  17. Blog for: 2 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years…
  18. Get on the ARC review list of a major publisher
  19. Become pre-approved by a publisher on Net Galley
  20. Have a cool library at home
  21. Have a cool bookish outfit or shoes or jewelry
  22. Visit a library in each country I visit: Turkey, Bulgaria, USA, Canada
  23. Write a Non-Fiction book about my adventures on the farm
  24. Write a Fiction book set in Turkey
  25. Attend a book signing of a big name author
  26. Finish all the series I’ve started
  27. Have some cool bookish furniture
  28. Get a bookish tattoo
  29. Own a nice leather-bound edition of a favorite book
  30. Spend 24 hours reading in bed




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