Bookish Thoughts: Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my Birthday!   Yes this is a shameless ploy for more attention, apparently Facebook’s reminders to all my friends to post on my wall isn’t enough…  Seriously though, I thought my cake made a lovely picture and wanted to share it.  That and I haven’t posted a review, or finished a book this week, so I thought I should post something.  My gift this year is going to be to go see  Sherrilyn Kenyon in two weeks in Chicago,  told the spousal unit that he could count that for the next three B-Days if he was okay with me going.  I’ve been working on directions and where to stay.  I kind of really want to stay in the hotel she is signing at, but it is about $35 more than a perfectly acceptable hotel half a block away…  Getting cheap in my ripe old age of 41.  Plans are in motion though and I still super excited about going!  So I thought I would ask you all a question on this Birthday post.

What book would make the perfect gift for you on your birthday? 


Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’ll be in Chicago for a conference in November, so I hope you’ll blog about your trip so I can get pizza recommendations. :-)

    As for the question, the perfect birthday book would be one that would magically pull up whatever I’m in the mood to read, whether I realize it or not. Birthdays are magic, right?

    Safe travels!


    1. Thank you! I am most definitely going to blog the adventure, but I can give pizza recommendations now as I’ve been to Chicago quite a bit. My favorite is Giordano’s at 223 W Jackson Blvd, just half a block down from Sears/Willis Tower. DON’T forget to get Garrett’s Popcorn! They are all over the city, just follow your nose. That stuff is so good, Chicago Mix is my recommendation.


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