Monday Morning Check-In: Busy, busy…



Good Monday morning everyone.  I believe I am just getting this post in under the wire to still qualify for a morning post…  Going to be a busy week.  I am taking care of someone’s cats and it is fair week in my county.  I help run the creative arts, or rather crafted items, for non-4H entries.  Mainly adults, but we do accept any age group.  The days I’m not at the fair I am going to be at work.  Friday is also my birthday, turning 41…I think…  Yep 41 according to the math.  Not planning a lot, I usually consider my time at the fair the treat for my birthday.  Since it is going to be such a busy week I am not going to worry about reading ARC books, I’ve managed to weed a couple that I ended up DNFing and the rest are not being publish until later in August.  This week I am going to try reading some of the short little Trek books that I’ve been picking up used. They are all pretty short and I have four of them in the current series I am going to start, Star Trek New Frontier. Well I need to go.  I have pre-written my Top Ten Tuesday and hopefully I will find some time to post a few of the Trek reviews as well.  Happy Reading!


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