ARC The Returned, Part I by Peter David

The Returned, Part III

Not sure how this fits into the Star Trek New Frontier Series, but I think this is a serial release of the next book in the series making it #19.1 of 3.

Release Date 7/6/15

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.

Book Synopsis:

The first installment in a brand-new three-part digital-first Star Trek: New Frontier e-novel from New York Times bestselling author Peter David!

Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur are back, picking up three months after the stunning events depicted in New Frontier: Blind Man’s Bluff. Calhoun’s search of Xenex has failed to find any survivors, and now he is bound and determined to track down the race that killed them—the D’myurj and their associates, the Brethren—and exact vengeance upon them. His search will take the Excalibur crew into a pocket universe, where he discovers not only the homeworld of the D’myurj, but another race that shares Calhoun’s determination to obliterate his opponents. But is this new race truly an ally…or an even greater threat?

My Review:

I am a huge Star Trek fan, but prior to this book had not ventured into the published fiction based upon the series.  Mainly for the fact that I had no idea where to start; the Original series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, etc. It is very intimidating and there is little help to be found online as a good place to begin.  I saw this book offered on Net Galley stating that it was the first part in a new three-part series I jumped on it and decided to try this one.  My mistake.  I should have done some more research and learned that there are already 18 books in the New Frontier series, that this is a part of…  Live and learn I guess not that I regret requesting this book, because I don’t, it did help me learn that I want to try more Star Trek novels!  Starting with book one in this series, House of Cards.

Beyond the confusion that I felt while reading this book in regards to character relationships, it wasn’t difficult to get into the book and figure out what was going on.  Everything I love about Star Trek was there, but just in more detail.  Watching Trek is enjoyable, reading Trek is like living it!  I’m hooked and look forward to this new genre…no, style…no…well, however you would classify a Trek book I am looking forward to reading more of them.  I loved the references to location, people and the entire Trek philosophy that was present in this book.  There were new species in this book that I had not experienced or remembered from the TV series, but it was fun to explore is so much more detail the Trek Universe that only reading could provide.

So why the three star rating then.  Mainly because I felt left out of the story a bit.  Starting this book 18 titles in is a bit like starting to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation in the fourth season.  Sure you are still going to get a great show, but the bonds between the characters will mean nothing to you.  You won’t get the flirting between Will and Deanna or the history between Picard and Q or the Borg.  You are going to be left out of the inside jokes too and motivation for character’s actions.  I recommend this book, but after you have read at least some of the other previous books.  Some of the plot threads in this book needed more back story than the author could provide in such a short read.  I also did not care for how it was broken into a three-part release.  Just give me the damn story in one book instead of these staggered releases with freaking cliffhangers.

I’m glad I read it though and hope that I can have access to the future releases because I want to see what happens out with the current crisis facing Captain Calhoun.

My Rating: 3 Stars


5 thoughts on “ARC The Returned, Part I by Peter David

    1. He wrote Imzadi, which is set in the Next Generation world and is supposed to be a really good one. I’m tempted to pick that one up next time I see it at the used book store.

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