Month in Review: June 2015

Month in Review


Read:  5  Books,   Pages 1818

Year to Date:  47 Books,  14648 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 40/74 (no change)

Looking Back:

What the hell happen to June?  I could have sworn that I had another week to get some more books finish.  Look at that pitiful number, 5.  I only read five book in all of June!  Amy you should be ashamed of yourself.  Personally I blame Harry Potter.  I wasted a whole week trying to get into this series that I have obviously move on from.  Never again.  If I’m not into a re-read I am just going to move on after my standard 50 page attempt and weed the books from my collection (if I ow them).  Life is too short for books you don’t enjoy and it is really too short to re-read books you aren’t enjoying the second time around.  Live and learn.  Beyond the Potter fiasco it wasn’t a bad month, all the other books I really enjoyed.

Looking Ahead:

My goal for July is to read more than June.  I have some ARC books that I need to get caught up with and I am really digging my current read(review to come soon), so I might continue on with the Star Trek reads.  Other than that I don’t have a lot of plans.  I am getting caught up with the outside chores, but we have the holiday and fair week coming up.  Hopefully that doesn’t cut into my reading time too much.  I plan on reading the Bloggers’ Book Club selection this month, Shadow and Bone.  The past two months they picked books I was in no way interested in, so I skipped.  We now begin the second half of the year and I need to step up my reading game so I don’t fall further behind (currently 4 books).

Happy Reading!


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