Bookish Thoughts: Why I’m DNFing Harry Potter



Hello my name is Amy and I’m DNFing Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.  I’m also canceling my re-read of the series and considering weeding them from my home shelves.  Sacrilege!  How dare I?  What kind of monster are you?  Before you gather up your pitchforks and light the torches to show up at my door and kick me out of the village let me explain why.

The main reason is that I’ve moved on and am looking for something more adult in a fantasy read. I want some romance, I want more adult situations, and I don’t want to read about life in secondary school (or even college) anymore.  I’m well past these days in my life and it just doesn’t hold my interest anymore, I’m having trouble relating.  When I first read this series I was in college or freshly graduated and I was able to appreciate life at Hogwarts more.

The reason I want to weed them from my shelves is the policy I have on only keeping books I plan to re-read.  I seriously doubt that I am ever going to read the adventures of Mr. Potter again.  I know one should never say never, but I can check these books out from the library if the bug should ever bite and I need to spend some time at Hogwarts.  Update:  The spousal unit has saved the books from weeding as he has never read the complete series, so they will now find a home on his shelves.

Now I realize I may have offended some of the more devout Potter fans out there by my decision to DNF the series.  I would like to point out that I have read them once.  I still think they are great books and an excellent series for reluctant readers of JF level books.  I will remember fondly my time spent there and not try to recapture the magic it once held, for I’ve found it is fleeting.  I’m afraid rereading them will simply result in lower star ratings and will tarnish my memories of the world.  On to new worlds and adventures.



6 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Why I’m DNFing Harry Potter

  1. I have read and re-read this series a few times. I do agree with you about only keeping books that you think you will re-read. I would suggest that if you feel like weeding out some books, please consider donating them to a classroom library.


  2. I know just what you mean about the books. Already in my 70s, I only made it through the first one. I enjoyed the first half about Harry’s life with his relatives and the discovery of what he was. But once he got to Hogwarts, magic or not, to me it was still just kids at school.


  3. I just love Harry Potter. I’ve read every book at least twice, the first four many. many times. I have loved introducing my boys to Harry’s world too. I did not grow up with Potter, I started in 2000, when I was in my mid-twenties. BUT I do understand where you are coming from, too. Sometimes a book is magical the first time, but when you re-read to try and recapture the feeling is gone. There are so many books out there for you to fall in love with!


    1. I just realized half way through book two that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as the first time. The book hasn’t changed, but it seems like I have. Kinda sad to think it isn’t the same, but like you said so many more books out there to love!


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