Bookish Thoughts: Re-read time!



Well folks its time!  Time for my yearly re-read of a series I own in order to justify owning it.  I decided to start doing this a few years ago when I noticed my book collection was getting noticeably large,  like three bookcases large.  That is some serious $$$ I’ve spent on books over the years and I felt a tad bit guilty.  Not that money spent on books is a waste, but if I am only going to read something once why do I need to own it.  We probably had some bill looming over our heads and I was ashamed for not doing a better job saving money.  I decided then that I would only own books that I planned on rereading in the future, or mostly books I planned on rereading.  Its worked out great, I get to rediscover all these worlds I love, be reminded of past events in still running series and I can justify the book’s shelf space in our house.

So far I’ve re-read the Dark Hunter series (like 40 books, took me three months!) and The Discovery of Witches series.  This year I plan on re-reading Harry Potter.  I hope it will take me about a month, but I may break it up with a couple of review books I have agreed to review.  It has been a long time, almost 20 years since I last visited the world of Potter.  I was not a child, like many of you, when I read it the first time.  I think I started it my last few years of college and finished the last few books as they were released.  I have no reviews, but know I loved the series.  I’m excited to see what I think of them now, especially since I am a more avid reader then I was.  I am also excited to have reviews posted over at Goodreads for these books.

So shall we begin!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)


3 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Re-read time!

  1. I like re-reading books but I never thought about doing it to justify owning them. That’s actually a good idea! I have so many books but it has been forever since I’ve read them. Maybe it’s time I start doing some re-reads with this purpose at the back of my mind.


    1. Glad you liked the idea. I’m finding it is also a great way to figure out what books you want to keep and weed. If you aren’t into it anymore then why hold on to it when the shelf space could hold something you currently love!

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