Month in Review: May 2015

Month in Review


Read:  10  Books,   Pages 2701

Year to Date:  42 Books,  12830 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 40/74

Last Month’s Theme: Sci-Fi (and a few reads for review)

This Month’s Theme: None-discontinuing monthly themes

Welcome to another Monthly in Review here at Read What I Like.  How can an entire half-year be gone already, before we know it September will be here and I will be bitching about the upcoming winter.  Can we just hit the pause button please, I need a moment to catch up.  I posted in a Monday Morning Check-In that I was going to do away with the reading theme for each month. I was finding it a tad tedious and stifling if my reading mood changed mid-month.  I would suddenly lose enthusiasm and my reading speed suffered for it.  So while I might do the occasional reading theme it will no longer be a monthly program.  I’m taking the pressure off and just reading what ever the hell I want.

Looking Back:

May was an alright reading month, started off strong and ended strong and got lost in a slump in the middle.  Part of that was that I was super busy with real-life projects and part of that was some of the books just left me feeling eh.  I have started listening to audio books while I work on other projects to keep me on task with the reading, but most of the books I’ve listened to have been two stars.  Actually all of them have been…sorry, nope I did give The Bees three stars.  They were all books that were available when wanted to download them and not necessarily something I was super excited to listen to.  Hopefully in the future the audio books I pick will be more in line with my normal reading taste.  Although, it is a good way to branch out of my comfort zone and be exposed to popular titles that I wouldn’t normally read.

Looking Ahead:

I was going to start my big re-read for the year here in June.  That has now been pushed back until I finish a few review books and a couple of titles I broke my book-buying-ban for.  I had done a ton of work over three days and deserved a reward dammit and I am excited to be starting one of my reward after this post.   I am looking  forward to re-reading Potter though,  I can’t wait to see what all I have forgotten or didn’t pick up the first time I read it.  It will also be nice to have some reviews to go with my rating over on Goodreads.

Well that’s it for this month in review, how did you do in May?


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