Monday Morning Check-In: Changes



Good Monday morning everyone.  What is this?  A strange new graphic here at Read What I Like.  Yep, sure is.  I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog, nothing major just renaming some posts and taking the pressure off myself a bit.  So what new and exciting things can you look forward to, you might ask!  Well first off, calm down it is Monday morning after all, and it is only a little book review blog, but since you asked…

Monday morning post will no longer be Monday Morning Question.  It will now be called Monday Morning Check-In.  I still might ask questions or not, I might just share what my plans for the week of reading are or what ever topic pops into my head each week.

Thursday Thought is also being changed to Bookish Thoughts and will be posted any day of the week I choose.  I often have a topic in mind and forget to write it down and share it with you all on Thursday,  so Bookish Thoughts will be posted as ideas come to me.

I am also regretting this reading theme each month.  I am finding that my mood doesn’t always follow the theme I planned several weeks in advance, so bye-bye.  Oh I still might continue a theme read month every now and again but I don’t think every month is a good idea.  Now that I am getting my books through the library, when something I want to read outside the theme becomes available I need/want to check it out then, not in three months when it might fit the theme better.  Net Galley and review request books tend to get in the way of the theme and if I make the commitment to review these books I need to do so in a timely matter.  So for now reading themes are going to be on hold. I am also finding that when my mood changes from say Sci-Fi to paranormal or romance mid month I feel obliged to stick with the theme and then my reading productivity goes down.

I have also become a new convert to audio books, so keep an eye out for more of those reviews.  I still feel like it is cheating, but I am able to get so much more done around the house!  Thanks to Krystal @Books Are My Thing for the tip of putting the books on hold,  I have also created a wish list for all the ones I want to listen to and just check out  what is available. I’m finding myself looking into books I wouldn’t normally read to listen to, so it seems audio books is expanding my reading horizons!

Well I think that is for this week.  I wish you all happy reading!


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