When Darkness Ends by Alexandra Ivy

When Darkness Ends

Book #12 in the Guardians of Eternity series : Release date 5/26/15

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.

Author’s Site

Book Synopsis:

The Guardians of Eternity are facing a final battle to save their world—but battles of the heart may be the most difficult to fight…

Cyn, the vampire clan chief of Ireland, is an unabashed hedonist whose beauty is surpassed only by his insatiable appetite for pleasure. It’s no wonder he’s furious when he’s transported from the magical land of the pureblooded feys to his desolate private lair—only to have his very existence thrown into a chaos that even he cannot charm his way out of…

Most women may be all but powerless against Cyn, but Fallon, a sharp-witted fairy princess, is less than beguiled by the silver-tongued vampire. She’s a serious soul with no time for the sort of games he plays—especially when they learn that someone is trying to close the veil that separates the dimensions. But seduction may prove the most powerful force of all, as attraction ignites between the unlikely pair even as worlds are colliding around them…

My Review:

I find my self looking back through my ratings of this series and see that Ms. Ivy has consistently gotten three stars from me.  I kinda feel guilty over that….  I really enjoyed this world and its characters, but just never seem to get excited about the series like I do others, even her own Sentinels series.  I guess sometimes you just enjoy a series, but not as much as others.  I’m afraid that this book is going to get the same rating from me as the others.  Still I enjoyed it and am glad I saw this world through to the end and am satisfied on how things finish up.

This was Cyn and Fallon’s book and I thought they were a cute pairing.  I loved how playboy Cyn fell for this tiny little Fey and how protective he became.  Of course all of this was quite sudden, but in a paranormal world that is to be expected sometimes.  When they find their mates they don’t fight fate, just their instinct to become an overbearing control freak and lock their love up in a padded room for safe keeping.  I appreciated how hard Cyn worked to give Fallon the respect and freedom that had been denied to her all her life. Fallon started off a little stuck up, but soon that ice melted and she warmed up to me.  I loved the scene between her and Cyn’s lieutenant Lise, such fun.

There is usually a secondary romance in Ms. Ivy’s books, a setting up the love interests of the next book, but being this is the last in the series we actually had two couples to follow.  Fallon’s fiance, Magnus gets paired up with a character that has been floating around in this world looking for a match.  I think I enjoyed their match as much as the main couple’s.  I did feel a little cheated at the end when we are told about their pairing up rather than getting to watch the drama go down in person.

The action and one-liners were just as entertaining as in other books, I did appreciate how Ms. Ivy restrained herself from trotting out all the old favorites for one last good-bye.  There were plenty of old friends that got in on the crisis, but the story wasn’t bogged down by players that were not relevant.  That could be because this might not really be the end of the series.  Ms. Ivy has answered questions about this series and stated that there will still be stories set in this world, but fewer and with some new characters.  Even if this is the end though, I thought it a very satisfying one and while it would be nice to check in with them all from time to time, I’m more than happy to give them all a much earned peaceful H.E.A.  They’ve earned the break and time to snuggle in bed with their mates.

Just a few disappointments for me.  I thought the end, after the final battle, was a little abrupt and tied up a bit to easy.  I wish there had been something more.  Kind of how I felt about Magnus and his love interest.  I also wanted something more for Levet, but after reading Ms.Ivy’s explanation about that character on her website, I get her reasoning.

It has been a fun series and I’m glad I read it.  Thank you Ms. Ivy for sharing it with us and I look forward to seeing what new worlds you have for us to play in.

My Rating: 3 Stars


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