Top Ten Tuesday: Meet and Greet

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular weekly blog meme, Top Ten Tuesday.  This week they ask us:

May 12: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

To be honest I almost skipped this week’s topic.  I did a Monday Morning Question post on this almost a year ago and the answer hasn’t really changed.  But since I have been kind of lagging in my book reviews, I blame Netflix, I thought I should probably post something.  Since my first four picks haven’t changed I am just going to copy and past those into this post and come up with my next six authors I’d love to meet and/or hear speak.

Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet!

1-4 taken from Monday Morning Question: Author’s you would like to meet?

  1. My first pick is Jacqueline Rhoades, an independent author of three series; The Wolvers, Guardians of the Race, and Hidden Mountain.  Jackie is my first pick because she has become a good friend of mine.  Most of our interaction happens over at Facebook, but I would love to meet her in person someday.  She is a great writer and I have enjoyed all the books of hers that I’ve read.  If you enjoy any of the big names in paranormal fiction I suggest you give one of Jackie’s books a try!

  2. Up next is Sherrilyn Kenyon,  I have spoken often for my love of all things Kenyon, so how cool would it be to meet her and thank her in person for all that she has written.  I know she frequents conventions and may have to make plans to attend one she will be at to fulfill this dream I have.  Of course I will go all fan girl and embarrass myself by being a fool, but it would be so worth it, especially if I score an autographed book too.  But really just being able to tell her how much I have enjoyed her work would be enough.

  3. Another author that has interacted with me, briefly, through Twitter and Facebook is Darynda Jones.  She is perhaps my latest author crush, as well as her Reyes being my latest character crush.  I would love to attend a signing of hers some day and add one of her titles to my small collection of autographed books.

  4. Last but in no means least is Deborah Harkness.  I already have an autographed copy of her second fiction book, Shadow of Night,  found it at a local bookstore.  I just think it would be amazing to get to meet her in person and again try to play it cool as I thank her profusely for writing the All Souls Trilogy.

  5. J.R.Ward:   I really enjoy this author’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but the main reason I’d love to meet her is that I hear she swears like a sailor on shore leave.  I’d love to see if that is true!  She is also one of the authors I have a signed book from, but how fun would it be to be able to get one in person and thank her for the effing great series she writes.  Ms. Ward is a hoot to follow on Facebook too, I highly recommend.
  6. Andy Weir:  I can hear you now, enough with the love affair of this author.  He has only written one book for freaking sake.  I know, I know, he made my list again.  I would love to get my copy of The Martian autographed though and totally encourage him to continue to publish more of his writing.  Go read his short stories, he is phenomenal.
  7. Chloe Neill:  I’d love to meet this author just to pick her brain about all the background information on the Chicago houses.  My dream would be a tour of the Chicagoland Vampires locations from all the books, but would settle for an awkward handshake and me gushing over how much I love the series, even though it took me a bit to get into…
  8. Molly Harper:  This author always writes such great female friendships that she just seems like she would be a blast to hand out with for an afternoon.
  9. Brian L. Weiss:  This is one of the non-fiction authors I enjoy.  He writes upon the topic of past lives, something that I whole-heartily believe in.  I would love to meet him or hear him speak on the topic.  My absolute dream would be a regression session with him, but that seems unlikely and probably out of my price range.
  10. Wil Wheaton:  Confession time.  I’ve not read anything Mr. Wheaton has written, unless you count his website or various other social media outlets.  I just love what he stand for, being proud of what you love and not afraid to share that passion with the world.  I also think he is a talented actor and loved him on Star Trek, Eureka and his guest spots on Big Bang Theory.  Someday I will get around to reading one his books…someday.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Meet and Greet

      1. I highly recommend The Egg, Annie’s Day and The Real Deal for Weir’s Short Stories. It is amazing how this is happening to more and more authors and so many traditionally published authors are switching to publish work they couldn’t get their publishers to touch. Sure there is a lot more to weed through, but when you find a gem like The Martian, so worth it.

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    1. The movie comes out in November if you want to read it before then :) My husband hasn’t finished it, the lead character is currently stranded on Mars awaiting rescue and going to run out of food before he does…

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