Top Ten Tuesday: Never again!

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular blog meme, Top Ten Tuesday. This week they ask us to share lists on:

May 5: Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

Now my first reaction was to do a list on books I want to read, but probably never will and/or keep putting off.  Then I started going through everyone’s lists to see what they posted – something I usually don’t do, and never will again (first that is)- cause I found myself being pretty offended and ended up with some hurt feelings, some instances to the point where I wanted to unfollow blogs…  I know get over it, stop being so sensitive, everyone is entitles to their own opinion (and they are!),  but I am sensitive and can’t won’t change that about myself.  I found most of the lists were being used to bash books and authors I enjoyed, adored even, by bloggers that had never even tried the book.  One think I HATE  most in this world is a book snob.  Especially when people are overly critical about something and are forming that opinion solely upon what they’ve heard not personal reading experience.  I now feel this week’s list is just an excuse to be mean.  So I’m putting a twist on the list so that it more aligns with my own personal philosophy of not blasting something unless you’ve tried it and formed your own damn opinion.

Ten authors I will never read again…and why.

  1. Stephen King:  Much of my Jr and Sr High School days were spent carrying around one of this man’s books.  He was the first author I actively strived to read everything he had ever written.  Then I grew up, became more sensitive to gore and read several interviews he did and realized he is an ass.  For someone whose work has been pandered and criticized he is awfully quick to put down other popular authors he deems less than worthy.  Time to dismount that high horse Mr. King when you made your living writing about blood & guts, violence, and stories that were meant to make people sleep with the lights on.
  2. James Patterson: This one should have an asterisk by it I could read another of his books again, possibly, but probably not…  I’ve read two books by Mr. Patterson and actually didn’t hate them, they were alright, but his chapter lengths bothered me.  He broke up the action in odd places and I had trouble getting over that.  I mean walking from one room to another should not mean a break in chapters.  The book is the same length no matter if it had 24 or 94 chapters in it.  So this selection is a case of it’s not you its me.
  3. Orson Scott Card:  This author’s politics got in the way for me.  He is a stark raving mad right-winger and homophobic.  I can not respect him and will not read anything he has written ever again.  I do not believe in giving bigots a platform to spread their hatred.
  4. Charlaine Harris:  I loved the Sookie Stackhouse series up until book 10 and then it was just a slow slide downhill as she worked to destroy a character I LOVED, Eric.  I trusted you with my heart Ms. Harris and you broke it into a million tiny pieces and gave Eric the worst ever-after of any character in the entire series.  I will not be trusting you again ma’am.
  5. Laurell K. Hamilton: I had several people tell me I should read her series, that I would love it.  So I tried it and didn’t. Tried it several times and after book six I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The main character was my main issue,  I just didn’t like her very much.
  6. MaryJanice Davidson:  This author’s writing just got on my nerves.  Her lead character in the Undead series was shallow and all sorts of other annoying characteristics that made me abandon this series after three books.
  7. Wayne Gladstone:  This author contacted me through Goodreads after I read and reviewed his book.  Now normally I don’t mind that, but if you are doing so to tell the reviewer they didn’t get your book and probably will in a few days… Well, it makes me not want to read anything else you’ve read.  In that instance just don’t bother commenting, cause I would have given your next book a try before you messaged me.
  8. Melissa de la Cruz:  Loved the Blue Blood series, tried the new spin-off and had to DNF it.  I think this is a case of I just need to move on and not try to recapture what we once had.
  9. Kresley Cole:  I can’t believe I read so many of this author’s books (7), they all had like two star ratings.  Now I wouldn’t even pick up the next book after a two star review, but I think I picked up the series at a book sale and felt obliged to read them.  No more.  I still have several of her books in my house unread.  They are going on Book Mooch to be traded for something I want to read.
  10. J.R. Rain:  I broke up with this author whose Vampire for Hire series is actually really good.  I stopped reading him when he stopped offering his book for Nook reader.  First it was we had to wait 90 days and now they are not even available at all.  He sold out to Amazon, which is his right (he needs to do what works for him), but I need to do what I think is right too.  I think it is unfair to try to force readers into one platform over another and I will not review book that are only offered on Amazon.  I might read them, but no reviews…of course with as busy as I am that usually means I’m not going to read them either.

Alright there you have my list.  All are authors I’ve read but probably won’t read again.   What authors have you broken up with?

*** I would like to clarify my option from the start of this post.  It isn’t that I don’t think people should go out and read those books they know they won’t like.  There are plenty of books that I know I won’t like and never plan to read.  What got to me is everyone bashing these books on their blogs.  That upset me. As a librarian I have learned we are all different readers and have different taste and you never know when you might offend someone by being critical of an author’s work, especially when you’ve not read it.  Then again I know that these are all personal blogs and people have the right to post what ever they want, so be it. To quote Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a dick.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Never again!

  1. After loving Salem’s Lot and really enjoying a number of Stephen King’s early books, I too became disenchanted with his writing and didn’t read anything by him for well over a decade. But I was sucked in by the subject matter of 11/23/63 and absolutely loved it. If it wasn’t so long, I would definitely have kept it for a future reread. Then I gave Dumas Key a try and quite liked it also. I’m not up for all of his new books, but after those two, willing to cautiously try some of his others.

    I’ve just finished #10 of the Sookie books and have #11 up next. I might be safe since I’m not a particular Eric fan. :-)


    1. If you aren’t an Eric fan then you should be fine in the Sookie books. I just couldn’t get why she spent so many books making most of us fall for him just to give him the end she did. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I totally agree with you. There are so many books out there! Not every book is right for every person, and that is okay. There is something for everyone. And you don’t have to hate on what you don’t like. Just move on and find out what you do like to read. I enjoyed your take on this TTT.


  3. I agree, just because you would never read and or enjoy a book that is no reason to bash it. I have also found that sometimes I end up reading a book that I wouldn’t have chosen on my own and found that I enjoy the book. I would say that one should rule all books of one gender or type because you didn’t enjoy a particular book.


  4. I liked your take on this week’s top ten, although I have found that most people give genuinely valid reasons as to why they don’t want to read certain books. Some books you don’t have to read to know that they aren’t for you, you just know. It’s a little sad to see books you love on lists of books people won’t ever read, but everyone has different tastes. Still, I get what you mean, it’s not very nice if people use this as a way to just bash authors they don’t like.
    My TTT:


    1. Thank you for sharing, I agree they have their reasons, but that isn’t an excuse to be insulting and judgmental. So often I feel that they are judging the readers along with the book itself is all. It just gets on my nerves when people do that from what they’ve heard not experienced for themselves. If someone reads 50 shade for example and then wants to trash it in review and posts that’s fine, they’ve earned that right in my opinion. Without reading it, not so much.


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