Monday Morning Question: Besides reading?


Good Monday morning everyone,  I hope you all had a great weekend and got in more reading than I.  Saturday was spent at work with the afternoon in the cities on the weekly shopping trip, where I made a stop at one of their libraries and opened yet another account.  I’m now the proud  holder of four library cards!  My newest library is part of a major library system in the area, so it means I can now check out at multiple libraries and have access to almost anything I want to read.  I’m excited and can’t wait till I have more time to explore what they have in the stacks.  Sunday was another quick trip to a different town as my husband had a bit of cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house.  We hit a local Goodwill and Wal-Mart where I went a little crazy with the discounted bulbs and spent the rest of my day planting 50 new lilies.  Hello my name is Amy and I cannot pass up cheap plants.  This got me thinking about my other hobbies and I thought I would ask you all:

What other hobbies and/or past times do you have besides reading?

So share in the comments, or better yet write-up your own blog post with pictures and leave the link in the comments so everyone can see what passions you have beyond books!

Now time for me to share, or rather over-share/brag , what I enjoy doing when I’m not lost in my current read.

Around Home

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We also love to travel!

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Well I thought that might be a fun way to get to know me better and see what takes up my time when I’m not reading.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I would love to see posts about what else you are passionate about besides reading!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Besides reading?

  1. When I’m not reading or working, I’m usually singing (I am in a women’s a cappella chorus–, walking, or letterboxing (it’s like treasure-hunting in the woods–


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