Month in Review: April 2015




Read:  11  Books,   Pages 2654

Year to Date:  32 Books,  10129 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 33/74

Last Month’s Theme: #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge

This Month’s Theme: Sci-Fi (and a few reads for review)

Yet another month has passed and its time to do another month in review.  I didn’t do too bad in reading last month, even though it always felt like life was getting in the way and I DNFed three books; Blood of the Lamb, The Rook, and Vampires of Manhattan.  They just didn’t work for me, two of which I read far enough in that I felt I could review them though. The Rook far enough that I felt justified in counting it towards my reading tally too.  I also struggled with another book, by my beloved Sherrilyn Kenyon, which meant most of the month just felt like a struggle to find something enjoyable to read.  The only bright spot was the two books and five novellas by Sarah J. Maas and California.  I guess it was still more positive then negative, but still those slow titles really sucked the enjoyment out of most of the month.  This is why I am quick to DNF a title, when I am not excited about a book reading becomes a chore instead of a way to relax or escape.

April’s Theme:

#Reading My Library was the theme for last month, and I’ll be posting a separate post for wrapping up the challenge soon. It was a fun month of library reads and I really was astonished by how much money one could save by borrowing library books instead of buying.  Now most of my purchased books tend to be second-hand and the occasional title by a favorite author, but I am sold on borrowing instead of buying from now on.  Still it is a hard habit to break and I am going to be tested big time here in May.  Darynda Jones is releasing the eighth book in her Charley Davidson series and I so want to go buy it the week it releases.  Her books are a great example of why I should wait though.  I can never find them for a sale or discounted price (some books are offered 10-30% off the first week) and end up paying like $26 or more for each of her more recent releases.  That is a lot of money, especially since she releases two a year, so just for her alone I could be looking at $50 or more dollars on two books.  But being a blogger I want to review books that are just released, who wants to read a review for a title that is 6 months old… Okay some people do, but still I like to be on top of the current books in the series and it is exciting to read along with everyone else and be ahead of the spoilers.  I am just going to have to accept though, that with some authors I’m going to have to wait.  I’m becoming alright with that.  After all thanks to Net Galley I am still privy to other author’s books even before they are released.   I need to remember if I wait, in a few months I will be able to find those books I want to collect second-hand and I can add them to my personal library for a fraction of the price.

May’s Theme:

Sci-fi is the theme for May.  I’m starting off the month with the title Redshirts by Scalzi and am enjoying it so far.  I have a couple of Star Trek books I might try to have even though of reading a biography of one of the Trek actors for one of my challenges.  I also have a few review books I need to read that might not fit in on the theme, but I need to get them in before release.  I currently have like 10 books I’ve agreed to review-I really need to stop requesting- but fortunately they are spread out over the next few months.  June is going to be my Harry Potter re-read and the challenge there is going to be to re-read all the books in a month.  I think I can do it, but I will need to be reading faster or more often than I have the past few months.  I know I enjoyed the books though, so I should be good.  It is going to be interesting to see what I think of them now that my reading tastes have changed.  If you want to join me for Potter in June, send me an email,, and I’ll work up a sign up sheet and maybe some other activities, if I get enough interest.


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