Monday Morning Question: Social Media?



Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend of reading and are excited to begin another week of books.  I was such a bad reader last week.  I didn’t finish one single book, my average is 2-3,  I DNF a title and got caught up in some cleaning and had a bowling banquet to go to.  I only managed to get about 80 pages into California, which sucked because I am actually really into the book.  I made up for it on Sunday and managed 100 pages and still got the laundry done and participated in an online chat.  Today my goal is to finish this bleeping book and start the next one that I am excited about, The Rook!

I was also a bad blogger this weekend and ended up missing out on the Twitter Chat that Stefani hosted for our #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge.  It looks like those who made it had a good time, so I’m happy about that though.  This got me thinking about social media though and how we use it in the blogging world.  I must confess I rarely am on Twitter,  I don’t exactly get how it all works…, I set up my posts to tweet automatically and will occasionally tweet something for a contest, but I don’t hang out there.  If they didn’t send me an email when someone tweets me I wouldn’t even know I had an account.  Same goes for Google Circles,  I don’t get it, but I have an account and cross-post stuff there.  Facebook and Goodreads though, I live there and do maintain my pages and post items to them.  I guess it is just where I feel most comfortable.  Still in order to include everyone I need to at least have these accounts and I should try to maintain them a bit better.

So my question this week is: What social media accounts do you feel are important for a blogger to have?  Which ones do you use the most? Which ones do you not get?  What ones are your favorite?

Myself I have all the major ones: Facebook (personal account & blog page), Twitter, Goodreads (is it really a social network though?), Tumblr, Google Circles, Pintrest, Instagram, Youtube Channel (for my pet videos).


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