Thursday Thoughts: Money Saved!


As many of you know this is National Library Week!  You also might know that I am co-hosting the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge with Stefani @ Caught Read Handed.  This Thursday I thought I would share with you all how much money I’ve saved by reading library books this month.  So far I’ve checked out a total of 10 items from my various libraries and saved a grand total of $152.89.

WOW!  I am sold, not that I wasn’t before, but that is some serious money your library can save you.  Which is great because one of those reads was a DNF, just think how much it would have hurt to not finish a title that cost $27.95 retail.   Also I would like to note that total is the full retail hardcover price of those books, not second-hand or reduced Amazon rates.  So the savings could fluctuate if I had found them at cheaper outlets.

I am going to keep track, over at Goodreads, of all the books I borrow from my library this year and see what it adds up to at the end of the year.  If I’ve save $152 in just 16 days imagine how much money that would be in a year.

I know this might frustrate some author followers.  This is your livelihood after all.  You don’t get paid if people don’t buy your books. however, if I love a library book, I will sometimes go out and buy my very own copy, so see libraries help sell books too.  So, after this year’s buying ban expires, I am going to go back to occasionally purchasing, at full retail price,  book releases by my favorite authors.  I read well over 100-150 titles a year!  I just can’t afford to pay for all the books I read, I would be broke and couldn’t afford to feed my critters.

I also need to get over having the physical book, and buy more ebooks, less clutter.  Especially after I move all the books in my personal library to their new room.  I am going to be ruling the day I invested in so many hardcovers then.  It will be worth it though.  They will have a new location in a much nicer room with a cozy reading nook and I will be getting a brand new craft room.  I’ll post pics when done.

So how much money could you save by reading more library books?



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