Monday Morning Question: A Challenge!



Good Monday Morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend and got in more reading than I managed.  We are working on spring cleaning here at the Softa house and it has seriously cut into my reading time and somehow managed to make my house even more of a mess…  We hope to hold a yard sale and my dining room has become the holding room for everything we wish to sell.

Anyway, I also wanted to wish you all Happy National Library Week.  So this week I am going to issue you a challenge instead of a question.

I challenge you to visit your local library and check out a book (or several)!

If you don’t have a library card this would be a great week to get your very own and put it to some good use.  Libraries also have movies, audio books, magazines and often e-books for their patrons borrowing pleasures so go see what your local branch has to offer.  Then come back and tell me what you checked out in the comments!


You also still have until April 15 to join us for the Reading My Library Challenge.  All you have to do is read one library book in the month of April to participate!  More details and sign-up on the page (linked through the banner), but we are having two giveaways and a scavenger hunt to start April 16.

RMLC - Komika


So go check out a library book, come back and share what it is and sign up for the challenge.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday.  Happy library reading.


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