The Assassin and the Healer by Sarah J. Maas

The Assassin and the Healer (Throne of Glass, #0.2)
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Book #0.2 in the Throne of Glass series : Publish 3/30/12

I borrowed this book electronically from my library for the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge, saving me $7.99 (price of e-version of The Assassin’s Blade)

Author’s Site

Book Sysnopsis:

Meet the Assassin: beautiful, defiant, destined for greatness. Celaena Sardothien has challenged her master. Now she must pay the price. Her journey to the Red Desert will be an arduous one, but it may change the fate of her cursed world forever…

My Review:

For such a short story in this series one learns quite a bit about the world Celaena lives in, in this series. This story is only 40 some odd pages and told from the perspective of both Celaena and the healer.  It picks up shortly after she received her punishment from her actions in the last story.  She has been separated from Sam and not even she knows of his fate.  I am beginning to see threads of story line that lead into Throne of Glass though and it is quite interesting knowing the future that waits this character.  I am also left with even more questions about Celaena and this war-torn world. I want to know what happen to the magic?  I want to know about the areas not yet touched by the conquering king. I still want to learn more about this bastard leader of the assassins and how she ended up with him.  Again this is such a rich and interesting world to explore!

 My Rating: 4 Stars


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