Monday Morning Question: Checkout?



Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you had a better weekend than I did.  I have been struggling to get into a book that I expected to love and zip through.  This month I am co-hosting the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge so I thought it fitting to make all the Monday questions about libraries.  So this morning I’m going to ask you:

If you could check out ANYTHING from a library what would you like to borrow?

Libraries are more than just books.  Some offer special collections for their patrons to borrow.  Just here in Iowa I know of libraries that offer cake pans and Halloween costumes.  I’ve read articles and comments in the library list server about borrowing seed for gardens, knitting supplies, fishing poles, toys, musical instruments, and bicycles!  So libraries are offering all sorts of things for their patrons to try.

Personally I would love it if I belonged to a library that offered the garden seeds.  That one works by you borrowing some seeds, grow the plant and then donate back some of the seeds that you grew or from a different plant. I think obscure cooking tools might be need too.  How often do you bake an angel food cake for instance,  but it needs a special pan.  It would be nice to be about to go and borrow one to bake a cake for the special occasion and then return it when done.   How about a pet carrier for trips to the vet? Or hair clippers so you can give your husband a hair cut.

So how about you?

What interesting items would you like to be able to check out from your library?


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