Monday Morning Question: Review Requests?



Good Monday Morning everyone!  I hope you all had a more productive weekend of reading than I did…  Today I sit my ass down on the couch and read some freaking pages.  I mean it!  Well I do need to move some firewood, but I am going to finish this book.  I am still behind on Goodreads and in my books for review theme for this month.  I wanted to finish up all of my review book before April so I could dedicate that entire month to the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge, click on link to find out more and sign up.   I did get through most of the books I had to review,…alright I got through almost half…, I still have seven titles to review!  Granted six of them are not going to be released, or re-released until later this year (well after April), and I did request several of them after I already started this month’s theme of read-for-review,  damn you Net Galley and your free books by authors I adore.  I really need to step away from that site for a while again, or for the first time.  It is just too tempting though, especially since I am under a book buying ban (which I am doing really well on, thanks for asking).  So this morning I guess my question for you is:

Do you request book for review through Net Galley or another site?  Do you accept requests for book reviews from authors? Indie or traditional published? Do you then feel pressure to read and review those books before other titles?  Do you DNF a title you requested for review?

As you know from above I do request books from Net Galley and a couple of other sites (always looking for others, share in comments).  I have been trying to limit my requests to authors I am already familiar with or new authors only if it is first in a series.  I don’t get that many requests from authors, indie or otherwise, for review.  There are two authors that have me review their new releases on a regular basis, but I do get an odd-ball request for a review from time to time.  Most of them I turn down.  Mainly because most of the time the books are like nothing else I have read.  For example; one request was for a book on running a kettle-corn business…  I’m sorry, but does that sound like anything else I’ve read on this site.  I really appreciate the authors that take the time to at least look at the other books I’ve read and reviewed first to make sure theirs might be a good fit for me.  I understand though, it is really difficult to get honest reviews for books.  That is why I always take a look at what is offered and if it is even close to my reading preference I will try to fit it in my schedule.  Doesn’t always mean I will finish it, but I will give it my 50 page try at least.

So how about you?  What are your thoughts on review requests?


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