Monday Morning Question: Book Challenges?



Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a productive weekend of reading and are ready for a brand new week.  We had lovely weather here in Eastern Iowa and I spend much of my time trying to convince a horny peacock not to beat the crap out of a Honda Civic….  Ah, spring is in the air and my peacock Manny is bound and determine to chase off that strange new bird here to take his hens.  Bleeping birds.  While dealing with bird drama I did manage to get some reading in.  Finished two books and a good chunk of another that I am reading for the Book Blogger’s Club.  We are reading The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons.  I wasn’t sure what I thought at first, but I managed to read half of it in an afternoon, so I must not hate it that much.

Anyway, I’ve been working on another project with Stafani @ Caught Read Handed, #Reading My Library Challenge.  You are more than welcome to join us it should be a lot of fun and pretty laid back challenge, but still be a lot of fun! I’m super excited to be co-hosting the challenge, my first time, and hope we have a good turn-out of bloggers.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone reads.   This brings my total number of challenges up to four this year, which I think is plenty for my first year participating, especially since I’m co-running one of them.  How about you?  do you enjoy partaking in reading challenges?  What sort do you like to sign up for?  Do you want a reward or is the sense of accomplishment enough?  What turns you off of a reading challenge?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’d love it even more if you signed up for #ReadingMyLibrary challenge in April and help us bring awareness to others of how great public libraries really are!

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Book Challenges?

  1. I’m already signed up for #ReadingMyLibrary. It is my only short Challenge. This year I have eight year long Challenges. Not quite as ambitious as it sounds since there is a lot of crossover. 2015 is my first year doing more than one Challenge. I really only discovered them a few months ago.

    A physical reward doesn’t really matter to me; my reward is the accomplishment. Heena’s Genre Challenge is the best for me in this department since we read a different genre each month and I’m reading a lot of books that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.


    1. I’ve noticed that too, the crossover, most of the books I’m reading count for both of my reading challenges. I’ll have to look into the Genre Challenge, it sounds interesting. Thank for sharing!

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