ARC Poems about Cats by Yasmine Surovec

Poems about Cats

Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Published 4/7/15

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.

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Book Synopsis:

Cats have long been an inspiration to artists and poets. In this heartwarming collection, artist Yasmine Surovec of presents an illustrated anthology of literary adulation and poetic tributes to the always-alluring, ever-beloved cat.

From Shakespeare to Blake to Rosetti to Wordsworth to classic nursery rhymes, cats have been celebrated in poetry for as long as they have been warming laps. Cats are mysterious, adorable, finicky, and cherished; and they have been beloved muses for some of our most renowned poets, writers, and artists. This inspired collection presents treasured poems and nursery rhymes illustrated with the whimsical, irresistible art of Yasmine Surovec.

My Review:

I saw this book pop up on Net Galley the other day and being it was a ‘read now’ title I decided to take a chance.  I now recognize the artist, Ms. Surovec, but at the time did not put two and two together to come up with the creator of many an online meme about cats that I’ve enjoyed.

This is a fairly short book and there isn’t a whole heck of a lot I have to say about it.  I did find it enjoyable and lovely to look at.  The book is quite clever, and beautifully illustrated, although I think it might be more enjoyable in print form.  The pictures that go along with the poems are mostly two pages wide and they end up cut in half on an e-reader.  The poems are an eclectic collection ranging from nursery rhymes to sonnets.  There are bound to be ones you recognize and enjoy.  A print version of this book would make a nice gift for that cat lover in your life.

My Rating : 3 Stars


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