Month in Review: February 2015



Read:   8 Books,  2008  Pages

Year to Date:  13 Books,  5182 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 23/74

Last Month’s Theme: February Romance Reads

This Month’s Theme: Reads for Review

Welcome to another month in review.  Last month I decided to go with the theme of Romance books. I tried to read a variety, didn’t get as many different types as I had hoped, but I did venture out and try a variety.  I managed to get in some paranormal, contemporary, and even a classic title.  I missed out on adding in an erotic novel or a YA selection, but that’s alright.   There is a difference in the different styles of romance books.  I tend to enjoy the paranormal romances better,  they have tougher female leads who don’t sit around and wait for a man to marry or save them.  The come off as better examples of strong female leads in my opinion.  It was a nice change of pace to read my romances a more analytically then I normally do.  I believe I will make February Romance Reads a recurring theme here at the blog and welcome you all to join in on the fun if you want.

Now we begin the third month of the year with no signs of spring anywhere on the horizon…  I was going to have March’s theme be Sci-fi, rather fitting with the recent loss of Leonard Nimoy, but I have noticed that I have way to many books for review piling up so I am going with that theme instead.  I am still going to look into reading something as a tribute to my beloved Spock, perhaps the novel RedShirts by John Scalzi or even one of the Star Trek books that I have up on my to-read bookcase upstairs.    As it stands though I have eight books I’ve agreed to read for review, although a couple of them don’t release until later in the year, and it is going to be a busy month of reading as it is.

In April I’ve teamed up with the blog Caught Read Handed to co-host  Reading My Library challenge and I am supper excited about that. There will be more information coming around mid month, so be sure to keep an eye out.  I have also joined the Bloggers’ Book Club and their selection for March is  The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons.  I’m not sure I will be able to participate this month though.  The book is a new release and is not available at any of my libraries.  I am also still under my self-imposed book buying ban so I might have to wait until next month’s read to join in the fun.  I did add the book to my library’s buy list, a small perk of being a librarian, but I am not the person who orders books so I still might not get it in time.

Well I hope you all have a great month of reading.  I have a bunch of great books for review coming up, or at least they looked good when I agreed to read them.  I look forward to seeing what all you read this month and lets all cross our fingers that spring gets here soon.  Happy reading!


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