Wolver’s Rescue by Jaqueline Rhoades

Wolver's Rescue (The Wolvers #6)Click on cover to visit book’s page over at Goodreads.

Book #6 in The Wolvers series: release 2/26/15

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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Book Synopsis:

Sometimes it’s not the wolves who pose the danger…
There’s a downside to living in a secret society. Someone has to ensure it remains that way. ‘Bull’ Bulworth is that someone. His current assignment: track a young man who has an unrecognized wolf inside him and eliminate the problem before the truth about Wolvers is exposed to the human world. It’s a simple and straightforward assignment until he meets a woman who makes him think crazy might be contagious.
In her own words, Tommie Bane is nuttier than a pecan tree. There’s a voice in her head telling her she is something other than human, and a creature she swears is running around inside her body. Just when she’s at the lowest point in her weird and nutty life, she meets a man who tells her it’s all real. Should she listen to the voice of reason or to the voice in her head that keeps shouting “Mate”?
What do you have to lose when you’ve already lost your mind? For Tommie, it could be her life

My Review:

With some reviews I just don’t know where to start.  Quite often I find it is with the books that I enjoy the most.  I get so excited about sharing my love of it with you that I have trouble organizing my thoughts.  This is one of those reviews…

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know that I am very familiar with this author, in fact she is one of the few that I can say I’ve read (and enjoyed) everything she has written.  I have to say though, this book, this is probably my favorite of everything I’ve read.  Now I probably need to go back and reread sometime to verify that, but something about this story just clicked for me. I was so upset that I didn’t have the time recently to just sit down and devour it in one sitting.  I wanted to tell the world and life to go away and let me read, dammit.

I have noticed that Ms. Rhoades has the ability to take her established series and reinvent them, while keeping the same rules and structure so that they continue to feel a part of the whole.  The last book shook things up quite a bit and this one too has quite a different feel from previous books.  I love this,  it keeps the series fresh and interesting.  Tommie and Bull’s story took a much darker turn from previous stories and at times, in the beginning, I was almost reading though my fingers as I couldn’t bare to witness what was happening.  It was gritty and dark and very realistic, for a fictional world about shape shifters that is…  In this book we get to see a different side of the Wolver world that perhaps isn’t as pleasant and the one the other stories take place in.

The fun characters that span a wide spectrum of personalities and quirks are one of the things I enjoy most about Ms. Rhoades’s books, and she did not disappoint in her latest release.  The main one that connected this to the other stories was Eugene Begley who continues to play this world’s matchmaker extraordinaire.  He is a fun Wolver and I was happy to see him get some actual page time in this book we got a chance to know him better.  The main story centers around Tommie and Bull, who both surprised me as a departure from what I usually expect in this series.  Both of them come with plenty of issues and a stubborn streak a mile wide.  I loved their personalities though.  Tommie had such optimism, determination and strength to her.  I loved how she stood up to pretty much everybody and for everyone.  I admired and connected with her compassion and quirks.  She is what made this story for me.  Bull was a lot of fun and had such a mouth on him.  I enjoyed his change; watching him open up and let the other characters in to his heart was touching.   These two are a great paring and I loved how Ms. Rhoades worked their lives and story into a complete circle.  I don’t want to giveaway more, but I loved the piece of the puzzle we got at the very end the most.

The plot and pacing was well done.  Lots of action and plenty of fun moments too, she writes a nice balance of drama, humor and steam.  This author keeps things moving and you guessing about what is going to happen next.  Just when you think surely this must be the end, there is still 50 or more pages of drama to work out.  I really appreciate this,  it means we don’t have left over plot twists that have to carry over to another book.  No cliffhangers and Wolver’s Rescue works really well as a standalone title, so if you have not read anything else by this author feel free to pick this title up and give it try.  I bet it hooks you and soon you will have devoured the entire series.

My rating: Five Stars




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