Men in Kilts by Katie MacAlister

Men in Kilts

Cover art thanks to Goodread, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Stand alone title, published 8/7/03

I own a print copy of this book.

Book Synopsis:

She crossed the pond and lost her heart…

What do they wear under those things?

So far, Kathie Williams has made a good showing as the only American at a mystery writers’ conference in Manchester— what with that falling asleep in public thing behind her.

The sight of Iain MacLaren wakes her up. Clad in a deliciously woolly sweater, the burly Scotsman seems to be holding up a wall at the cocktail party. So Kathie makes her move…and winds up stark naked with him in bed, where his thick Scottish brogue, thick manly chest, and thick… other parts…drive her to do things she’s never done before. Like fall in love.

And if things aren’t moving fast enough—and on the wrong side of the road, no less—Kathie is about to visit Iain’s sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands and meet his sons. She’s feeling a wee bit nervous. Because she can’t tell where this mad affair is going—except north…

My Review:

Picked up this book a while back at a used book store because I enjoy this author’s paranormal series and thought I might enjoy her contemporary books as well.  This is the second one I’ve tried and so far the consensus is that I should probably stick to her paranormal series.  I read this book as part of a February Romance Reads on my blog, it was to represent the more stereotypical romance book that people tend to think of when they think of the genre.  I have to say this one was a pretty good pick in that regards.

Oh I did like the book, and after getting about 100 pages into it the story really grew on me, but I can now see why romance books get such a bad rap.  This one was kinda cringe worthy at times.   If you think of every single negative stereotype about romance books this one had it, almost as if the author tried to fit them all in. The lead female was a weak-willed, wishy-washy in desperate need of a back bone type of character, prone to over-reacting, not standing up for herself, manipulative, and jumping to conclusions.  The male lead, who I liked better, was the strong silent alpha male who never shared what he felt without having pages spent on Kathie trying to drag it out of him and stubborn as all get out.  Now some of these characteristics were overcome, and it could just be the type of female lead that this author enjoys writing about, but I could swear her paranormal heroines have more spunk and spirit to them.  Then there was the strangely written love triangle…or kinda a love triangle… well what ever it was. Between Iain’s history with Bridget, who also plays the villain in this story.

One thing that I was surprised bothered me was the insta-love element of this story.  Normally that doesn’t bother me.  I just accept it and move on, but in this book I could really see why some people hate it so much.  It bugged me.  I’m like come on you’ve only known him four days how can you have already decided you want to spend the rest of your life with him.  Really.  I so wanted to smack some sense into Kathie at that point.  Not only had she decided Iain was the love of her life, she was plotting out how to convince him of the same.  How does this not bother me in other books. The only thing I can think of is that in a paranormal setting it is easier for me to accept because none of it is real, or close to reality.  If you are already dealing with vampires or shifter then how hard is it to stretch and accept instant love or mating.

Let me state again, I did like the book.  Really I did.  After I got over everything I already mentioned I settled in and got to know the characters better.   Kathie’s big heart grew on me and I started to see through Iain’s tough outer shell.  The supporting cast of characters were also a delight and such fun, except for one of Iain’s sons who was kind of an ass and again probably could have been left out of the book entirely.  His story line was never really resolved and he would just pop up from time to time to remind the reader and Kathie of how very fast Iain and her had fallen for one another.  What I really loved most about this story was the fun craziness of two characters from different worlds and cultures falling in love.  Watching them figure things out and grow together and learn to adjust to this new life they were building together was my favorite part of the book.  I also appreciated that Iain raised sheep on a working farm.  Having sheep myself, Shetlands, it was interesting to see how well the author captured life on a farm.  If you ever wondered what it is like, reading this title will give you a pretty good glimpse.

The pacing of the book moves at a good rate.  There were a few times I thought the story could have been done, as well as a couple of elements left out, but the story was fun and sweet.  If you can overlook the cheesy stereotypes of a typical pulp-romance book, or perhaps they are even a guilty pleasure of yours, try this book.  It is full of laugh out loud moments, crazy situations, and a few characters to loath.  Perfect light-hearted escapism read.

My rating: 3 Stars



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