Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying Ban…



Sigh.  My husband and I have done a look at our budget (our just-because-we-wanted-it spending has gotten out of hand), and with some upcoming changes in our finances, we have decided to cut back on unessentials.  My husband is giving up somethings and I am giving up some things. I won’t be going into all the details, but books have made both of our lists of what to give up.  I’ve done this before, though on a much looser stringency,  this time I mean business.

Do I need to own the books I read. No.  Do I want to…well duh, yes.  Especially with my favorite authors.  I will live.  Does this mean I won’t be able to ever read what I want, no.  It means I will need to wait until I can request them through the library, good thing I know who to see about that.  Does this mean I will never buy another book, in 2015 it does.  I will re-evaluate in 2016.  I need to get over this need to fill my shelves.  I bet between my Nook, Kindle, and to-read bookcase that I have well over 500 titles that I have yet to get around to picking up.  There isn’t a lot we can tighten up in our budget; we don’t have cable, or fancy phone plans, no kids, and aren’t into fancy gadgets (e-readers aside).  Books though.  This I can sacrifice for my family.  It will be alright.  I just need to get more creative.  Besides with the blogging and email alerts I’m getting a lot of books for free already.

So I hereby declare 2015 the year of not buying books.  Yippy.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying Ban…

  1. Good luck I hope it works out. I also have the need to fill all the empty spaces on my shelf too. Maybe I should look into reading more of them instead of the new ones too.


  2. Good luck! I’ve been trying to cut back on buying books to help my husband and I save money but so far I haven’t had much luck. On the other hand if and when I do buy books, it’s usually always used books from Half Priced books so at least I’m saving… But I really need to just bite the bullet one of these days and just say NO. I keep reminding myself that our town’s library is just a little over 2 miles away, but still no luck.


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