Monday Morning Question: Fiction vs Non-Fiction



Good Monday morning everyone.  I hope you all had a productive weekend of reading and are ready to face a new week.  I am writing this on a Sunday night, hence the still chipper attitude, hopefully planning ahead will lead to sleeping in tomorrow.  As long as the bladder or a cat don’t wake me I should be good.  Most likely it will be the cat using the bladder as her own personal water bed that will wake me…  Anyway.  This weekend I managed to finish up two books I was reading, one fiction and one non-fiction(review coming).  I had about the same number of pages to finish up in both, but I noticed the non-fiction took me significantly longer to finish.  Like several hours longer, in fact I still have 15 pages to go as I write this.  It also take me longer to get into the book. With the absence of a scene and characters to build in my mind I had time to wander and plan a thorough cleaning of the shed and a revamping of a spare bedroom into an art studio.  Eventually I was able to start focusing on what I was reading, but it just took longer.   The funny thing is I actually enjoyed the non-fiction book more, but it still took longer to read.  So this morning I ask you:  Does Non-Fiction take longer for you to read?  Or does Fiction take longer for you?  Or no difference?



3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Fiction vs Non-Fiction

  1. It definitely takes me longer to read non-fiction. I think it’s because there is so much more information to take in and absorb. It requires more concentration than a fiction novel. At least it does for me haha :)


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