Emotions and Stress by K. Chandiramani

Emotions and Stress

Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Non-Fiction, published: 1/28/15

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review

Book Synopsis:

Emotions and Stress: How to manage them encourages you to deal with your own stress in a way that allows you to keep moving at the same pace. But first you must ask yourself two questions: Do I really need to run? and Am I running in the right direction?

This book attempts to bring together modern psychiatric and psychological practices with the ancient traditions of mankind. Based on K. Chandiramani’s own work using a combination of approaches, it is designed to help anyone suffering from almost all forms of psychiatric problems including anxiety, depression, anger, psychosomatic disorders, relationship issues and work-related stress.

The book is also likely to help even those who do not suffer from any psychological problems but would like to have a greater control over their emotions. Some of its chapters address existential issues that afflict all human beings, while others contain spiritual elements that facilitate the promotion of mental health and access to inner piece.

Emotions and Stress can help you transform your negative emotions into positive ones. It explains the science of emotions, how they are processed in our mind, how they influence our thoughts, opinions and actions, how to be free of them and above all how to regulate them. It is a fascinating and insightful read for anyone looking for an answer to their problems, as well as those interested in or studying psychology.

My Review:

This book was offered to anyone who wanted to download and review it, so I took a chance and downloaded it for my husband as he has a lot of work-related stress. I ended up reading it as well and am so glad I did!  This book was incredibly interesting and I learned so much.  It is only 130 pages long, but it did seem to take forever to read, but that is probably because I am used to fiction.

The book is structured well and gives you a good grasp of background information before delving into methods to cope with stress.  After I read this I feel I have a much better idea of what my husband is going through and even myself when issues from my past cause problems.  I am anxious to try out some of the coping methods the author talks about in the book.

One of the most helpful chapters in the book was the section on Psychotherapy.  All to often we wonder if we need to go talk to someone or not.  He gives some great guidelines to take into consideration to help you figure out if it is a step you should pursue.  Another concept I hadn’t though of before is that everything causes stress.  Good event and bad, so there is no escape really.  All to often we just think of negative things as the cause of problems in our lives, but really positive situations, like a vacation, can create just as much havoc in one’s stress levels.  This brought around the idea of needing to work stress releasing exercises into everyday life, and not waiting until there is a major meltdown.   This is a concept that hadn’t occurred to me before.

If you have stress in your life, and you do, everyone does.  I highly suggest this book. I am going to be picking up a print copy that I can keep for reference.  The information in this book is well-organized and applicable to those with deeper issues and those who already do a fairly good job of managing their stress.  This book will also be helpful to those who have friends and family in their life who are struggling to manage their emotions and stress too.  It will help you understand a bit more of what they are going through and recognize the signs of excess stress in their behaviors.  A great read!

My Rating: 5 Stars



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