Wilderman’s Treetop Tales by Chad Elliott – 5 Stars

Wilderman's Treetop Tales


Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Children’s book, publish date: 11/28/14

I own a copy of this book

Book Synopsis:

Wilderman’s Treetop Tales is a collection of whimsical lyrics and paintings created by International award-winning songwriter, Chad Elliott. Think, “Shel Silverstein,” with more color. The book is designed for ages 3-10 and contains both heartwarming and giggle-worthy poetry accompanied by Chad’s own illustrations.

Don’t forget to check out the album that accompanies the book! Chad, who has been performing original songs for 20 years and is a winner of the Woody Guthrie Song contest, brings 10 of the lyrics from the book to life in the companion music album, sold separately and also titled Wilderman’s Treetop Tales.

Together, the book and album create an interdisciplinary offering of art, music and writing which allows the whole family to embrace wild imagination. Learn more about the project at www.wildermansbooks.com.

My Review:

Well I’m sort of at a loss how to begin being this is my first review for a children’s book, but I guess there is a first for everything.  This is Read What I Like blog in case you thought you stumbled into the wrong site.  A little bit of why I am reviewing this book.  Almost twenty years ago, gosh I feel old…, I attended college with Mr. Elliott, we are both former art majors.  Chad graduated and continues to produce beautiful works in clay and paint along with starting a successful career in music and is now a publish author (as if he wasn’t talented enough).   I on the other hand didn’t do much for many years until I rediscovered my love of book and reading and am now a librarian and book blogger.  One of us put our degree to good use.  I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Chad had written a book and am pleased to finally have a copy that I can review and hopefully help others discover this delightful book.  Now on to the real review…

I recently attended a library program featuring Mr. Elliott where he was performing songs from his new album that accompanies his first book.  I did not pick up a copy of his album, not having anything to play it on anymore, but I did score a copy of his book.  The music and book compliment each other wonderfully though, so if you can, I suggest picking up both.  The children at the performance I attended were dancing and thoroughly enjoying the fun songs Elliott played.

The book is written and illustrated by Elliott and is full of beautiful vivid renditions of his artwork based on his lyrics/poems.   This is a self published book and I was impressed by the quality of these images. Working in a library and having read, although not reviewed, many children’s books publish through traditional publish houses I would have to say these are just as nicely printed.  The pictures are fun and children are going to enjoy picking out elements from the lines of lyrics.  My favorite picture in the book was of Toffle the Tomcat, the red sky is striking and I love the expression this gruff old barn cat conveys,. Elliot’s paintings has a very Van Gogh feeling to them (think The Starry Night phase of Van Gogh’s work) full of bold colors and interesting contrast.

The poems in the book, or lyrics, are quite clever and I’m sure children are going enjoy the rhyming and fun situations they bring to life.  The book contains a nice mix of fun and silly to more thoughtful and reflective poems.  My favorite here was titled Let the Moment Be.  I particularly enjoyed the message and feelings this poem conveyed.

As for a first book this was really well done.  I hope that Elliott continues to put more of his lyrics into paint and shares them with the world.  The book was a delight to read and I think it will be popular among both parents and children.  I look forward to seeing what Elliott publishes next.


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