Thursday Thoughts: What I’m up to besides reading.



Hey there,  I’m still here.  I know I missed my Monday post and took me a bit to get around to replying to comments and emails.  I’ll try to do better next week.  This week, like much of the country, we were hit with a couple of snow storms.  Sunday’s left us with 15 (I think) inches of the white frozen bane of my February existence and with the wind we ended up clearing snow three times… I hate winter.

My truck shares the same feelings about this weather as I do because it decided it didn’t want to start anymore.  I’m just thankful that the starter went out at home and not late some night after my husband got off work 40 minutes from home.  It is 15 years old though, so I guess we can look forward to many more new parts in its future.  Still I love my red beast and will miss it when it goes.  It has some quirks that have grown on me, like the windshield wipers that will just spontaneously decide the windshield needs to be cleared or how we can have hot air or cold air and it takes a good day to switch between the two once a season.  Love my truck…

Another adventure I had this week involves two of my peafowl (I have six),  the story is too great not to share so please indulge me. Here is what I posted on Facebook:

Peaventures: This morning I left the coop door open so the birds could sun themselves just inside the coop (big mistake). This afternoon I go out to check on animals and as I’m wandering around I notice a peahen (Baby Annie) up in the big maple tree, way up near the top. I check the coop to do a head count and sure enough her bother, Oliver, is missing too. I find him on top of a fence inside the sheep’s pen and wade through thigh deep snow, after climbing a fence, and come up behind him to shoo him back towards the coop. He stands but doesn’t fly off, crap they are freaked out by the deep snow. I grab his legs and carry him back home and set out to try and convince Annie to come down. She stands, like Oliver, and acts like she wants to come down, but stays up on her high perch. I decide to make a landing path that leads back to the coop and fire up the snow blower and clear one for her (three passes wide). After much calling, some cat food and her getting herself turned around it works. She glides out of the tree, out past the north barn, across highway 30 and the railroad tracks and into the field on the other side 1/4 mile away. Crap. I set out on 105th ave and get to about parallel with her and head into the field. Fun. There is a huge wall to cross where the snow plow deposited what he cleared from the road and the snow is up to my knees in the field, the entire way to her. I walk the 1/4 mile in and there she sits, where she landed, freaked out by the snow and being so far from home. I scoop her up and we walk back, she didn’t struggle once. She is now in the locked coop with her brother and father and will remain there until the snow is gone.

Tonight I am headed to a book signing and performance by a friend from college, Chad Elliott.  He wrote and illustrated a children’s book recently and the hubby and I are looking forward to seeing him.  I will be reviewing his book, shown below.  Go and check it out!

Wilderman's Treetop Tales


Well I hope to have some more book reviews for you soon.  I’m struggling a bit with the sudden shift in reading genres.  After all the serious deadly drama in Martin’s world I’m finding it difficult to get into the fluffy romance.  I’m like what are you whining about, these are not real problems.  Oh well, it might take a couple of books but I expect to be in the swing of things again soon.

Happy reading everyone and check out Chad’s book!


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