Monday Morning Question: Long or Short?

13829744482f96aGood Monday Morning everyone!  I hope you all had an excellent weekend of reading.  Personally, I read quite a bit this weekend, but struggled with ‘liking’ what I am currently reading.  Basically I’m mad at my book right now, and there is still over 300 pages left to read…  So it got me thinking about length of book,  all three of my reads this month (gosh that sounds sad to me…) have been over 800 pages, much longer than my normal reads which average about 260-320 pages.  So I ask you this morning: Do you prefer long books (500+ pages) or do you fancy shorter reads (<500 pages)?  

Now I realize this is kinda a silly question.  The content is what is really important, a good story is a good story no matter the number of pages.  Of course there are some books we love that we wish would never end…  I’m thinking though that I prefer shorter reads, or more average length books for print and may look to e-versions for future epic reads.  When a book is over 1000 pages long there are some serious disadvantages.  The weight of the book, even in paperback I find myself needing to prop A Storm of Swords up with a pillow when I read.  And forget reading it in bed,  I don’t enjoy dropping large books on my face right before I go to sleep…of course that might work to knock yourself out when you have trouble sleeping.  A cure for insomnia?  A library patron also pointed out that the larger paperback books also tend to fall apart sooner, just too big for their binding.  They also don’t fit in your purse as easily, this might just be a problem for my female followers though.    Now as to content, I find that these longer reads there is more pages to get bored in.  You have sometimes hundreds of pages to go between action and loads of characters that I care little for that I have to slog through.  Granted longer books do have a greater opportunity to paint a more vivid picture, but reading so many back to back make me long for a shorter book where the action is more condensed.  There is also the physiological aspect to look at.  This month I have only read three books, which sounds pretty pathetic to me when I average 12-15 titles.  When you look at page count though I will be well over my average once I finish this blasted book.  Does it make me shallow that I rather have a larger title count over page count…

So how about you?  What do you prefer, a long drawn out story with tons of pages to get lost in or a shorter work with better pacing?



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Long or Short?

  1. I’ll happily read a book of any length as long as it’s good! However, I do feel that if it’s a long book it probably is held to higher standards. If an author is going to make me read their really long book, it better be worth all that time I have to spend reading it! However, as you mention that big books are heavy and cumbersome, I prefer to read my really long books on the Kindle for just that reason.


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