Progress Report: A Storm of Swords P.707



Well I’m still reading, made it to page 707 today and I had to freaking stop to Google ‘did so-and-so just die in A Storm of Swords’… Bloody Hell!!!   I am about ready to throw this freaking book into the wood stove and just be done with it.  While I am still captivated by this world, I’m not liking it very much right now.  I’m sick and tired of the “good guys” always receiving crap at the end of a sword in this world.  Fine you don’t want to make anyone safe how about you kill that inbred king or the hound or some other low-life scum that freaking deserves it and lay off the bleeping heroes for a while.  Just when you think they catch a break, no it is an ambush and another evil, vile character come out of the woodwork and kills somebody.  I’m getting sick of it!  I’ll continue, but there better be some freaking justice by the end or I am done with this series.  I need something to make all these pages worth while.   Just give me something in the next 421 pages to give me hope that this world will end rightly.  I so need to read something else for a while after this book.  I have also noticed this book is going much slower for me.  There seems to be a lot of pages, like hundreds of pages, where not a helluva lot happens or moves forward in this world.  I better get back,  I need to finish this book and read two more yet this month (ARC reviews).  Next month nothing but fluffy always-have-a-happy-ending only-bad-guys-die romances.


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