Thursday Thoughts: Behind already…


Good morning my fellow readers!  I hope it is warm and sunny where you are, or at least sunny like it is here today.  I’m blogging in a cap so I can shade my eyes and actually see what I am typing this morning.  I’m depressed to share that I am already behind on my reading pledge.  Oh sure it is only the 15th of January and there is plenty of time to catch up and complete my pledge of 104 titles.  It is just the pressure of every time I check my Goodreads account it tells me what a slacker I’ve been.  Not really, but that is what it feels like.  I can totally see why people stop participating in that pledge.  Thing is I want that shiny little badge for my profile…  I’ll get it.  104 books is so far below what I read the past few years I would need to practically stop reading for weeks on end to not make it.  Still though,  I sure do enjoy it more when the little widget tells me how far ahead I am instead.

A Clash of Kings, book two in A Song of Ice and Fire series, is going good.  Around page 600 now, only 450 some odd pages to go. I will probably finish it by the weekend and start in on book three.  After that I am taking a break from this series.  I have a couple of ARC titles to read and February is going to be a different theme.  It helps that I don’t have book four on hand and have decided to cut some book buying expenses.  I have so many books already on hand to read and tons of library books yet to check out that I don’t need to buy more books.  I can only think of one title that I have-to-have and it doesn’t come out for a while yet.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway.  I will put a link below to go to Rafflecopter so you can enter.  The giveaway is for e-books one and two in the Books of the Kindling series by Donna June Cooper.  You have three more days to enter, so hurry!

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