Progress Report: A Clash of Kings



At page 280


I’ve started the second book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin, but just barely.  Before my marathon reading session today (200 pages!)  I had only made it to page 80 in two days.  I was busy working on a giveaway for next this week and there was of course winter crap to deal with including a snowplow that re-closed my driveway.  Thank you county…  Anyway.  Since I’ve not made it that far into the book, over 700 yet to go, I’ve decided this progress report I will share some of my thoughts on the major characters thus far in the series.  I’m going to break them into three categories: Love’em, Mixed Emotions, and Want to see their head liberated from their body.


Daenerys Targaryn:  This character has had my sympathy from the beginning.  She knew nothing of the war, nothing of the kingdom she came from and was used and abused by the only family she had.  Some times I wonder if she is half crazy, but I admire the strength of character and growth she has shown.  I secretly hope she returns and destroys them all and reclaims the throne for her family’s honor.

Tyrion Lannister:  In the beginning I had mixed emotions about him.  I kept waiting for him to turn into a real bastard, but I have grown to respect this man and feel he may be the only sane/intelligent person in his entire family.

Arya Stark:  I like her spunk.   I enjoy her tom-boy ways and admire her courage.

Drogo: I was sad to see what happen to him.  I wished he had played a larger role in this story.  I respected him for how he treated Daenerys.  I think he truly loved her.

Jon Snow:  When he isn’t feeling sorry for himself about being a bastard I really like reading this character’s pages.  I think he is quite interesting and honorable.

Varys:  Even though I am not entirely sure if this is a ‘good’ guy or ‘bad’ guy, I do love how he knows what all is going on.  I think he has the best interest of the kingdom and people at heart though.

Eddard Stark:  I must say this character’s demise in the first book shook me the most.  I kept telling myself not to get too attached to him,  I knew  he probably going to go after the king, but I kept holding out hope he would survive.

Mixed Emotions

Sansa Stark:  At first I had no respect for this nit-wit.  She was everything I loathed about female characters in fantasy book, but then she changed.  Most of the time she still gets on my nerves, but must stay she is starting to grow on me.

Robb Stark:  Half the time I can’t wait to get through his parts.  I hope he becomes more interesting soon.  I just find his skill, knowledge and path in life a little convenient at time.

Bran Stark:  While he hold great sympathy in my esteem I find his sections of the story a little dull…

Catelyn Stark:  Half the time I hate this character then she does something and I like her again.  In the beginning I really thought she was a bitch, but sometimes she does something that makes me look past her bigotry.

Want to see their head liberated from their body


Joffrey:  What a spoil brat.  I can’t believe they actually let him take the throne.  The power is making him crazy too.  So looking forward to his death.  Hope it is painful.

Jaime Lannister:  Besides what he and his sister have going on being so gross, I really think he needs to die to balance out Eddard’s death.

Cersei Lannister:  Total manipulative bitch.  Gives women a bad name. I’m thinking death would be too good for her.  I would like to see her lose everyone she loves and the power she covets.  She should live out her days in a deep dark dungeon.

Tymin Lannister:  I’m thinking he is the reason his children, save Tyrion, are so messed up.  Lets see him be defeated in battle.

Viserys Targaryen:  The only character that has gotten what they deserve so far.


There are probably many others I could add to each group, but I think that is enough for now.  I need to get back to the book to see what happen next !   What do you think.  Who do you love or hate?


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