Monday Morning Question: Dreading?


Good Monday morning everyone. In my progress report post yesterday I mentioned that I was dreading the start of my current read, Game of Thrones.  I thought I would ask you all what books you dreaded starting?  Were there any titles that surprised you and you ended up loving?  Were there any that you loathed?  What were some of the reasons you dreaded the start of the book?

For myself, with Thrones, I was worried that all the hype had built the title up too much.  I was also afraid that it would be a dull and boring as Lord of the Rings, a story that took way too many pages to go nowhere…  Of course there are other reasons to dread reading something.  I’m not looking forward to this year’s All Iowa Reads book, My Name is Mary Sutter.  I’m sure it is a perfectly fine book, but nothing about it interests me and I need to read it for work.  Hopefully I am wrong and it will be a good read.  Knowing my track record with their previous selection I’m not holding my breath.  You can also dread reading the end of a series.  After all it is over then and if it doesn’t end to your liking you are left disappointed…looking at you Sookie Stackhouse series.  Even if the ending is everything you wanted and more it is still the end.  Sure you re-read to visit your friends, but it is never the same as a first time read.

So what books have you dreaded reading?  Or what makes you dread a title?


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Dreading?

  1. A factor that makes me dread a title is when the title has nothing to do with the book whatsoever. It irks me because the title gives me a sense of what the book is about and when it doesn’t accomplish it’s purpose, then that just leaves me a bit disappointed


  2. Black Dagger Brotherhood. The last couple of books were disappointing (for me) and I felt like I slogged my way through them. I’m dreading reading the new one because I’m afraid it won’t renew my enthusiasm for the series like I hope it will.


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