Thursday Thoughts: 2015 Challenges


Greetings all.  One more post and then I am going to get some reading in, dammit, those 800 pages are not going to read themselves… Anyway.   Through visiting all of your all’s blogs and taking note of all the reading pledges/goals/challenges that you are signing up for or starting, I’ve been inspired to participate too!  I have created a page, challenges, where I can keep track of my progress.  So far I’ve only decided to participate in the Goodread’s pledge and the Popsugar 2015 reading challenge.  If I come across any other interesting ones throughout the year I will add them as well.

The Popsugar challenge looks fun and like one I might be able to accomplish.  I know they most likely mean one book for each different challenge item, but if I have a book that marks more than one item off the list I’m claiming it.  For example my current read is over 800 pages and was turned into a tv series, that is going to count for two.

Check out the links above and why not join in on the fun!  What challenges are you participating in this year?  Share in the comments.


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