Various Short Stories by Andy Weir

As many of you know The Martian was my favorite story of the year and it was also a reader’s choice winner over at Goodreads.  I spent the morning reading many of the short stories he has published on his website,  (In my opinion) Mr. Weir is a very talented writer and I suggest you take a few moments to visit his site and read some of these stories for yourself.

Anyway, since I read them and wrote up short reviews I thought I would share them with you in a single review post.  I have linked the title of each story directly to its page at his site, but you can also review them at Goodreads too.

The Egg

5 Stars

Loved this short story. Found on author’s website. Makes you think and beautiful. Would wish it was longer, but its pretty great the way it is.

Annie’s Day

5 Stars

Brilliant. I had to read this short story twice. Once I knew the twist I had to go through it again and read it from the perspective of knowing “who” Annie was. Until I knew that thought it was kinda creepy, so read to the end and then you will get it. Very clever!


3 stars

I liked this one too. Less than the others I’ve read, but it still makes you think. This story is much more a character piece then a twist ending, but it has that too. This author really seems to click for me, I can’t wait to read his next full length book.

Bored World

3 Stars

Probably my least favorite so far. Kinda wish it was expanded though. Maybe if the story was longer I would have enjoyed it more. I want to know more about the Omnipotent character and would have enjoyed seeing what other havoc they could have created.

Meeting Sarah

4 Stars

Another good one. This author has mastered a twist ending. Very sweet story, enjoyed the ideas it presented and it definitely had heart. Starts off not knowing where the hell you are going, but by the end you are smiling and wanting to re-read to make sure you’ve caught everything.

The Real Deal

5 Stars

Wow, another great short story by this author. I’m going to have to read more of them. I started off rolling my eyes a bit but ended in tears. So beautiful. Love.

The Chef

4 Stars

Wow. Really a different piece. Demonstrates the talent this author possesses. A much darker story, do read this one twice.

There are a few more, but I’m going to save those for another day.  Enjoy and happy reading!


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